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⭐ The 2021 Emoti-Con Competition: Archive ⭐

Emoti-Con is NYC's Annual Youth Digital Media & Tech Challenge- a project fair for students who believe in digital innovation as a tool for positive change in the world around them.

Congratulations👏 to our 5 Emoti-Con Award Winners and 10 Honorable mentions! Scroll down to check out each winning project, and all 145 amazing student submissions.

DIIT & Mouse Design League schools: Here are the winners of the separate DIIT competition! 👏

🏆 2021 Award Ceremony!🏆

📺 Meet Ari Melenciano: Creative Technologist 📺

The Emoti-Con Aluminati interviewed this year's Keynote Speaker: Ari Melenciano. Ari answered questions from students on a Miro Board about her creative technology work, including digital photography projects, sound sculptures that celebrate Black culture, and Afrotectopia. Watch on YouTube.

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