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A Video Project
By Yeasin, Gabriela, Ujjwal, Mariela , Malak, Philip, Rozana, and Lauren
High School Students from Education Video Center
EVC NMA 2021

About this Project:

We are a group of youth producers from the Educational Video Center's New Media Arts Program. We've come together to create a remix documentary and a website about racism because it has been an ongoing issue for so long with little improvement. Also, in the context of the pandemic a lot of us only had social media as our primary social outlet and we noticed that racism has had a big impact on consumers of social media. Unfortunately a lot of us can personally relate to this topic because we have faced various forms of racism in our life.

The video that we submitted to Emoticon is a trailer for a longer remix documentary we are creating called #TheCyberMadness. For our project we have created personal video diaries, conducted community interviews, an interview with youth activists and we will be doing an interview with Dr. Frank Pezella of John Jay College. We were assigned different roles within teams in the production of the remix documentary and website. All of the work we produced was done collaboratively. We want to use our collective voice to raise awareness about this social injustice through the media project we created.

Project Media


EVC NMA 2021 2



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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

Serena Robinett 👏 Education Specialist at Spotify/Soundtrap — Emoti-Con Judge
Thank you for creating such an impactful and important video! I really liked how you added a warning to the beginning to warn viewers of harmful/traumatizing material. You had a good mix of past and present video clips, great that you interviewed activists in the field. My feedback would be to include how social media plays a role in both racism and anti-racist activism. I also loved seeing your planning pages and to-do tasks. Great job, can't wait to see the full documentary!

Danny Jimenez 👏 Library Technical Assistant III at New York Public Library — Emoti-Con Judge
This trailer for the remix documentary looks very promising and I love that there is a trigger warning at the beginning. The interviews look very diverse and addresses the problem through a myriad of lenses. Excellent job!

David Maldonado 👏 Media Solutions Architect at The Walt Disney Company — Emoti-Con Judge
What I enjoyed most about this project was the view into the EVC pitching process. Principally the questions asked in the brainstorm (how has the definition of racism changed over time, the influencing factors related to social media) and how these affect the documentary's point-of-view and choice of story. I enjoyed the pacing and story beats of this trailer. Perhaps there is a way to include more of the aspects of the brainstorm? What specifically were some of the impacts noticed as consumers of social media that can be attributed to racism? In a topic as dense and full of stories as these are, having those personal moments like the one with the youth activist gives us more narrative guidance as a viewer. This is very engaging. Great work!

Will Turnage 👏 Director of Technology at I&CO — Emoti-Con Judge
The trailer for this documentary is super compelling and I'm excited to see more. I like how you mixed historical footage with more recent modern footage as well as the first person stories from teens today. I'd love to see more recent footage or material from social media to show how today's racism is spread and shared. You clearly put a lot of time, thought and effort into this trailer and it shows. I can't wait to see the rest of it.