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“Admirers of Life”

Honorable Mention 👏
A Game Design Project from the G4C Student Challenge
By Judah, Ella, Daniel, and Papa
Middle School Students from Mouse @ Stephen A Halsey JHS 157 Q
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About this Project:

We have created a game where you have to save different animals for a variety of reasons. In our game, one of the levels is where you have to catch the falling koalas. The trees are burning and they can no longer live in the forest. You are given a basket and need to catch 15 koalas in 25 seconds. However, if you don't catch them all, you lose the level and have to try again. We did this by creating a forest backdrop and images of fire on the trees. We then drew the koalas through an app called Piskel. Lastly, we made the koalas fall, which had to be caught using a basket that we created (on Piskel as well). Once you have finally caught all the koalas necessary in the limited amount of time given, you beat the level. Throughout the game actions like these help indicate that we need to go out and save these endangered species.

Project Media


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More About this Project

We have added a slide show describing our project and a link to our video game.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Holly Tienken 👏 Assistant Professor, Communication Design at Kutztown University — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow! First I would like to commend you on your collaborative efforts. Much like a team working on a design project in the "real world" you each had a defined role and understood the importance of seeing your work through so others could to their job. I am glad you wrote out each of your contributions in details. The music was GREAT! The tone and the pace was perfect for your topic and the actual play activity required. Lastly, the fun facts at the end of the level were a lovely detail and informative. Well done!

Kathy Rutherford 👏 Biomedical Engineer and Robotics Mentor at Engineering Field — Emoti-Con Judge
You made a fantastic, thought provoking and important game. I really enjoyed playing each level, but even more, I enjoyed the animal facts and important issues scattered throughout the game experience. I also loved how you each took on roles and worked together to create a very layered and thoughtful game experience. Very well done! Dr. Jane Goodall, who works to save the apes of Africa from poachers, would love to see that you've made a game on this important issue.

Avishek Paul 👏 Integration Engineer at Xandr — Emoti-Con Judge
I really like the art style of the game, it is very unique and charming. Well done! I'm also a big fan of using a game as a medium to spread awareness of these environmental issues as this is something that can be used to introduce important topics to younger students.

Amanda Perales 👏 Aluminati Member at The Emoti-Con Steering Committee — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow, hats off to you guys. I love how much thought and effort you put into the creation of this game. By including multiple levels you have somewhat diversified the content of the game. You have made sure there is not just one animal represented in this but allowed multiple endangered species to have some type of representation. Maybe you guys should look into partnering with an organization that helps endangered species, I know they would just love working with you!

Feedback from the Community:

Patti 👏 a Teacher from Queens NY
Well designed and great artwork. Good details on research and enjoyable to play.
👏 a Middle School Student from nyc
i liked it and it was well thought out
valentina 👏 a Middle School Student
i liked how there are different levels and it makes it more interesting
baoyi 👏 a Middle School Student
i like it include music and different level
👏 a Middle School Student
I thought the project was very cool and creative. The design was really interesting
Charlie 👏 a Middle School Student
I liked how after every level, there was a different issue which was covered. It was very helpful.
Lorian 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens, Ny
I liked the design and how they are different levels.
Lorian 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens, Ny
I liked the design and how there was different levels with different information.
fanxi 👏 a Middle School Student
i think this is very cool and creative.i like it!
fanxi 👏 a Middle School Student
this game was very cool and creative, ii like it.
Layla 👏 a Middle School Student
👍 Very creative and enjoyed playing
Emily 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
Nice idea bringing in animals
Adil 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
It’s a fun game it was well thought out.
isabella 👏 a Middle School Student from queens
I love that your game was very creative and I loved the music
Janessa 👏 a Middle School Student from United States (nyc)
this was creative and colorful
nayeli 👏 a Middle School Student from queens,ny
I like how you put the facts in between levels
John 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
Loved it! The coding is superb! This game is a real fun play and it makes sense. I would recommend people to play this.
Damon 👏 a Middle School Student from NYC
I think this is a great game and the graphics are very nice
Sophia 👏 a Middle School Student from NYC
I liked the colorful, innovative, and colorful game. Such a fun game.
Naomi 👏 a Middle School Student
Love your game. It's very fun and creative. The project is colorful and the music is very engaging. Good Job!
Cynthia Vasquez 👏 a Middle School Student from I am from Mexico, my City is Queens and my Country is the United States.
According to this project, some positive feedback I would give to the creator of this project is by saying that him or she did a marvelous work by adding many information and fun details to make this project look more interesting.
katherine 👏 a Middle School Student from United States
I like this project and it look so cool I would like to have this app an my phone
Ruxshona 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
It was very colorful.
Rochelle 👏 a Middle School Student from New York US
i Love the color !
Rania 👏 a Middle School Student from JHS 157
This is a really cool game with an awesome plot, and information too.