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“A New Lens”

An App/Software Project
By Mia
a Middle School Student from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 582
New Lens

About this Project:

Hi, my name is Mia. I am an 8th grade student at M.S. 582. I have created an app called, “A New Lens”.
This app is designed to help people with Vision Impairment.

This disability affects over 2 billion people on this planet and I know they can get help, which is why I designed this app. With proper care and treatment, nearly 50% of these vision impaired cases can see major improvement within time.

I chose to help the people with vision impairment because I am surrounded by family and friends who wear glasses, including myself. I want to make a difference!

This app will assist people with vision impairment by giving them many options in their daily travels. These options include, safe and secure walkways (locally and city-wide), safe grocery stores, malls and shopping centers with large visible signs for all to see/read. This app will also include services to inquire about service dogs and other useful service animals.

When I created the app, I carefully thought of the many disabilities that I could possibly try and help. Knowing that many members of my family, including myself and some friends, are all wearing glasses, I thought it was a great idea to make an app that can enhance our methods of traveling, mainly finding safe walkways and places to visit.

I am happy with the way my app turned out because I believe it could really help people in a positive manner, and it’s free - no one has to pay!

If I had more time to refine my app, I would like to create additional screens that support my features… such as finding service animals near you, and how to get one specifically for your needs. Also, I’d like to expand the map feature and show accurate details about the conditions and atmosphere of the locations (like, if it is raining, if there is traffic, etc.). Finally, I’d also like to add more features like “Volunteer” (their time) and “Donate” (their $$), and maybe create an online store where all proceeds go to optical labs throughout the world, so that more people get a chance to enjoy their safe and worry-free travels.

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New Lens MS582 1 New Lens MS582


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Olivia Ing 👏 Founder, CEO at Playspaces — Emoti-Con Judge
Congrats Mia for coming up with such a smart idea. Using voice recognition software to help the visually impaired is an excellent use of technology out there to do good. I enjoyed the features you have included to make their daily travels easier - it really shows that you have considered the challenges these users will face and have thoughtfully come up with ideas to help make it easier and more convenient. There may be an opportunity to split up these cool features into separate app products that you can focus on the user experience for each feature, and then ultimately leading back up to a larger product platform. I really like the name you came up with and the meaning behind it. A job well done!

Shea Molloy 👏 Vectors and Illustrations Specialist at Adobe Stock — Emoti-Con Judge
The voice activation and different use cases for visually impaired users is super thoughtful! This is a great expansion on accessibility in mobile design and lays out the user journey really well.

Deren Guler 👏 CEO at Teknikio — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a very important issue and a creative solution. Wonderful App design and presentation. I'd love to see more examples of what people could do with the App.

Julia Barraford-Temel 👏 Senior Director of Program Management at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Mia, I love your new view on how to support and create solutions for people with visual impairments or disabilities. The breadth of services on your app demonstrates the level of thought and attention to challenges and safety issues that can occur in daily life. I wonder if this creative solution can include auditory prompts of how to use the app, and examples of questions to ask.

Feedback from the Community:

Lucy 👏 a High School Student from Orlando, florida
I really like that way you think this app would definitely help me out a lot.
Maria 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn, ny
I really need this app it sounds really good am glad someone is thinking about people who wear glasses and sometimes need to see words and signs bigger.. I would benefit from this app a lot.
Jen 👏 a Parent from Queens , New York
This app is amazing, it will truly help those with visual disabilities. You did a great job showing each step of how this app will work
carmen 👏 a Parent from Atlanta, GA
Wow what a great concept, I’m vision impaired and your ideas are fantastic i can see myself using this app daily to help me navigate through my daily routines. Good job Mia with supporting the vision impaired community
Talia 👏 a High School Student from Atlanta, GA
This app sounds so simple & helpful. The concept of it is very well thought out. I can see it being extremely beneficial for people who are visually impaired. Great job!
👏 a Community Member from brooklyn
I think this app would be amazing! Not only did you think about those who need help on a daily basis you also put so much thought into this for other people. nice work!!
Naomi 👏 a Community Member from Orlando, Florida
This app is amazing for people who lose there vision more and more everyday. This will help them with even simple task.
👏 a Community Member
Such an amazing idea and thoughtful at the same time you thought of others who are vision impaired just as many of your family members and also yourself . This app is sure to help many people . Great job Mia ❤️😊
Noelia 👏 a Community Member from Lutz, Florida
This is a great idea, I have a dear friend that will be grateful to have this, because it will give her a little more independence after losing most of her vision
Judy 👏 a Teacher from Queens Ny
This app is truly amazing it is extremely beneficial for the vision impaired community, The thought of you using your own disability as a factor to make an app that helps with difficulties yourself and others face daily show that kindness , humility and love still do exist. Great job Mia
👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
NYC streets are so congested an app for the visually impaired would be a welcome addition to our lives. Thanks Mia.
Joy 👏 a Technology Professional from Queens, NY Ophthalmic Manager
As an ophthalmology employee this app makes me proud that at such a young age you can bring awareness to the visually impaired community, this app is well thought out and will help so many in the community great job Mia
Corey 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn NY
This app is Amazing & Caters to The vision impairment community very well. Such a great & thoughtful idea to help others that may be goin they the same issues as you ! I’m Proud of you.
Diamond 👏 a Middle School Student
I think this is a great idea and would make an amazing app that can really make a change 👍🏽⭐️
Pedro 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn
This idea is dope, i have horrible vision, and when i get older its only going to get worst, its great to know there would be an app to help others with vision impairment continue on with there day to day lives, this young woman is on to something , good job mia
Shamika 👏 a Parent from Valley Stream
I think this app is a wonderful idea. My son is visually impaired and could benefit from your app.
Zainab 👏 a High School Student from Queens NY
This is absolutely amazing! I love the concept and the design itself is innovative and awesome!
Abby 👏 a High School Student from NYC
This app is so innovative and will help so many people
Raven 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
Such a great idea =)
Travis 👏 a Community Member from From Brooklyn NY
I am really impressed to see that you were able to come up with design concept on your own. You clearly have a bright future ahead of you.
Lydia A 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn New York
Great concept ! Very smart young lady I hope you can make this app a reality a lot of people of all ages can really benefit from this.
Sonia 👏 a Community Member
👏This app is amazing, I can relate being that I have worn glasses my entire life and to know that this app can help in our everyday life is a comfort. As well as knowing that it was created by someone who also wears glasses puts the icing on the cake. Great job mia so proud of you❤👍
👏 a Community Member from New Jersey
This is a great idea! It will help so many people! Great job
J 👏 a Parent from Queens
This is an amazing app and so happy you created it! This can really change peoples lives!
Mama 👏 a Parent from Queens
This is amazing app that I feel it would help a lot of people .... Great job Mia 👌🏽
Papa 👏 a Parent from Queens
Great job Mia ... this is a great app, it’s an amazing concept
Eileen 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn North Borough Office
This is a very thoughtful, personal and helpful app.
👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
Great idea I always had vision problems until a few years ago when I had no choice but to get glasses I think this application will help a lot of vision impaired people great job
Tely 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn
This is really nice idea ...This would change a way to the vision impairment .. I also wear glasses and I have lots of my family members who wears glasses .. This is very good ...Go Mia....
Julius 👏 a Middle School Student
I like how we as the audience saw the process of creating this app.
Jacob 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
It was great because voice recognition but it asked for ur address,to far in my opinion
Alysha 👏 a Middle School Student from M.S.582
Wow that was my fav very good job😍😎🥳
Vick 👏 a Teacher from New York
This is awesome