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💡 About Emoti-Con💡

Emoti-Con is NYC's annual Youth Digital Media & Technology Challenge, a project fair for students who see digital innovation as a tool for positive change in our world. Since 2009, more than 5,000 teens (87% BIPOC and/or Latiné have participated!)

Emoti-Con 2024 is a culminating celebration for all the creative work produced by all students in the Mouse Design League program across the NYC Metropolitan area.

This year, Emoti-Con is hybrid! Our virtual project fair will run from May 13-24, and then we’ll celebrate in person at Amazon’s new NYC HQ on May 30.

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What happens at a Virtual Project Fair?

Students upload projects.

Emoti-Con creates webpages for each project.

The virtual project fair runs online from May 13-24 for judges and community members (like you!) to review projects and leave feedback, ideas, and emojis.👏👏👏

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Who are the students?

Emoti-Con creates a forum for celebrating the ideas and innovations of youth with identities that have been historically excluded from media/tech industries.

In 2024, Emoti-Con will be the joint celebration for Mouse Design League students across the entire program.

In 2023, over 490 middle and high school students, in teams, presented over 160 original projects.

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What kinds of projects can the students submit?

  • 📱 Coding Projects, Apps
  • 🤖 Physical Computing
  • 👾 Games
  • 📦 3D/CAD Prototypes
  • 🎤 Videos, Podcasts, Music
  • 🎨 Digital Art, VR/AR
  • 💻 Websites
  • 📣 Social action campaigns
  • 💡 Anything digital/tech!


  • Emoti-Con is all about IDEAS.
  • Projects can be in any stage of the design process.
  • Students with great IDEAS for an invention will write them down or draw a picture of it, they don’t have to be able to code it or build it!
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🔎 Emoti-Con Scavenger Hunt 🔎

Want to be an active member of the Emoti-Con community? Try the Scavenger Hunt: activities, challenges, and reflection for students.


Emoti-Con Organizers & Collaborators

Emoti-Con is the largest event of its kind amongst informal learning programs in New York City. Emoti-Con addresses the need for cross-institutional collaboration and provides the much needed venue for youth to get to connect through their common identity as youth media producers and technologists.

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