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“What is a healthy relationship?”

Honorable Mention 👏
A Game Design Project
By Adriana
a High School Student from Global Kids
Adriana Five

About this Project:

In this project, you will be able to see how I used Twine and Scratch to create a small interactive story and characters. With the help from Global Kids Girl Hack, I was able to understand how both Twine and Scratched functioned. It was fun to do it this way because Twine let me create the story and background while Scratch let me create characters with expressions and also show them chatting.

The focus of this project is on healthy relationships because I think it's very important to learn more about what a healthy relationship really is like. Healthy relationships can mean very different things for different people but it shouldn't mean that there is any kind of abuse. I also did not just want to focus on romantic relationships which is what most people think of when they hear the words healthy relationship. I also wanted to focus on relationships that happen between your friend or your sibling or your teacher for example. Throughout the game, you see relationships develop from how the characters communicated with each other and then you have to decide whether or not it was a healthy relationship, with an explanation provided afterwards.

The relationships that I included in my project were ones that I created on my own but I also wanted to include the experiences in my life. I went through some unhealthy relationships between my friends and my childhood life so by writing about them and using them in this project, it made it really personal. The experiences that I went through really impacted me before but now that I talk about it I am more expressive about it and it's still there but not as much as it used to be.

If I could continue to work on this project, I would improve and add more stories because there are many other relationships that could have been addressed or relationships that could have been a bit more educational and more realistic. I would also love to to talk to other people who have experienced these types of relationships and how they feel about it and what they went through. I hope this project would raise awareness and help others.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

Carrie Wieteska 👏 Account Manager at Clark — Emoti-Con Judge
Abusive relationships can be difficult to define, especially if you're in one, so a role-playing/scenario game that allows you step outside of your own relationship is a really nice idea. I thought it was clever to mention that abuse doesn't just happen in romantic relationships - it can exist in friendships and familial relationships, as well.

Stephen Marshall 👏 Front Developer/Software Engineer at Oakman Aerospace (A Redwire company) — Emoti-Con Judge
It's very brave not only to take on a tough issue, but to build these interactive stories in a way that helps free you from your own negative experiences is commendable! It seems like relationships don't usually start out as abusive, but can gradually escalate to that point if we allow them to, and these stories helps us learn how to spot some of the early warning signs. I also like the inclusive approach, showing that abuse can happen in all types of relationships. A well though out idea! It would be interesting to add some more interaction and additional storylines to keep the users coming back.

Kate Rosenbloom 👏 Director of Instructional Design, 2U Boot Camps at 2U Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow, this project is awesome!! It has three things I love in an interactive story: awesome artwork, lots of helpful information and characters from all different backgrounds and experiences. You clearly put a ton of time and thought into this. I'm super impressed that you combined 2 different game design platforms (Twine and Scratch) into one experience and that you chose a topic that not enough people talk about: unhealthy relationships that aren't necessarily physically abusive. I also loved that you started the story off with resources people can turn to if they need help. In future versions of your story, I'd love to know a little bit more about the characters in the stories! How are they feeling? What did they do after the situation we see them in? Really awesome work. I hope you keep at it!