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“Translate Hear and Now”

An App/Software Project
By Myrie, Omar, and Nazir
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 582
Translate Hear and Now

About this Project:

Hi, our names are Myrie, Omar and Nazir. We are 6th grade students at M.S. 582. We have created an app called Translate Hear & Now. This app is designed to help people who speak a different language and people who are deaf. We chose to help this group of people because there is a lack of technology in the world to help these people and we decided to change that.

This app will assist people by taking one language and changing to another language the person you're sending a message to speaks.
When we created the app, we talked about different ways we can make it. We could have either made it like any other translator or we could make it our own unique way. We chose the idea to help people who speak different languages and people who are deaf because there just weren't enough apps in the world for those people and we wanted to help them by making them another app to use.

We are happy with the way our app turned out because it has all of our ideas in it and it's a translator app made in our own way than the other translator apps.

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Translate Hear Now MS582


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Saul Einbinder 👏 Technology Lecturer at Several Universities — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a strong idea - introducing language translation and voice recognition into a messaging app.

It would be great if you could give an example or two each time you make a claim. Like when you said "… it's a translator app made in our own way than the other translator apps," go one sentence further to illustrate what that difference is.

I like that you showed detailed sample screens of what the app looks like for users.

It would have been so valuable to have had Hear and Now when I worked with engineers in India, China, Spain and other countries!

Michael Carroll 👏 Head of Product at Baton Technologies — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a pretty big idea, I love it! Translating like this can help in so many parts of life. It could really bring the world closer together. I'd love to hear more about how you researched what features to include and what makes your app stand out from others. You mention this is for different language and deaf people, how it can help each would be great to call out. You really tried to solve a couple big problems with your app, I like the thinking big!

Shaneequa Shyrier 👏 Digital Marketing Manager at Facebook — Emoti-Con Judge
What a bold idea! I love that your focus is on accessibility and breaking down communication barriers. I also like the blend of voice recognition and translation services. Would love to learn a bit more about how you see this app uniquely servicing the hearing impaired/deaf community and how it differs from other translation apps. I wonder if there is also a way to incorporate a ASL (American Sign Language) feature? Overall, great job!

Sarah Maldonado 👏 Program Manager, Design League DIIT at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Thank you for addressing a universal issue! Being able to communicate with others – in our NYC neighborhoods and across the world – is vital. I appreciate the care of taking so many languages into account in the app. Have you thought about how different accents and dialects will be taken into account, or local phrases and terms? Looking forward to you three breaking down more language barriers!

Feedback from the Community:

Sophia 👏 a Middle School Student
great job love the thought that was put in to it
Jahlil 👏 a Middle School Student from Bronx
It is informative
Vanessa 👏 a Teacher from Brooklyn
andrew 👏 a Middle School Student from andrew
it preaty good i love it
Josiah 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
I like how its a translator app most of translator apps don't even work or you have to pay so this is a good idea
Ms. Balzaretti 👏 a Teacher
You were so well spoken, clear and fluent when presenting. Your explanation was precise and to the point-making a complex idea easily understood. This is such an amazing idea. The images and words and examples were on point. Great work!
Jaziah 👏 a Middle School Student
I think this is a good app and it is really helpful to people and I feel a lot of people would like it
John 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
It’s a very nice app for those deaf people and people who want to understand certain languages but the design is very bland and doesn’t have much color in it.
Delilah 👏 a Middle School Student from Ms582
This is an amazing app i think many people will find it helpful and easy to use!
Hailey 👏 a Middle School Student
i like how you wanted to help people in other ways some people might not think about. great job!:)
Jada 👏 a Middle School Student
I think this app is pretty creative and would be very helpful, especially for people who are foreigners and may not understand English yet. This will be able to fix the issue of language barriers for people and I think that’s super cool.
👏 a Teacher from MS 582
Love that hearing impaired people can use this as well, great inclusion. Also, the aspect of being to communicate easily in any language is tremendous.
Lawrence 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
This was amazing, it can help bring a bunch of people together
Edwin 👏 a Middle School Student from New york
I like how this app has many uses for many different types of people. This is helpful for people who are deaf or speak different languages.
👏 a Community Member from NYC
I think the app is great! My one feedback is did you ever consider how you would get 5,000 languages translated? That sounds like an incredible feat and I would be impressed if that would be accomplished but it's a little bit less realistic. That's my only critique and everything else about the app is really good!
Gabriella 👏 a Middle School Student from New York City
This project was well done and it is very helpful for those who need it but I suggest maybe putting for younger people who need to use the app. What if younger people need to use the translator app to talk to those who are the same age. Any age can use it to. Either way this project is really cool.
👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn, NY
That was a great presentation! You presented that so perfectly, and it was a product that I can definitely see people using, Even the name of the app is clever. Excellent job to this group!
Just 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
I love it
Davion 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
I like the presentation.
Natan 👏 a Middle School Student from America
This will help the elderly to understand what you are saying
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
jeremy candeli 👏 a Middle School Student from Santiago, DR
that was cool
Juanita 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
CeeGeeNY 👏 a Teacher from New York City, NY (USA)
Myrie, Nazir and Omar... I am so glad you presented this marvelous idea for your app project. This is definitely not only an assistive technology app for seniors and those disabled... but an app that can be used by ANYONE and EVERYONE! How cool to be able to send and receive messages in any language, with an audible feature to hear and learn the language better. With this app, it makes world-wide communication a breeze. I know if this app were available, I'd definitely download it to be able to fluently speak with my international friends in their languages! Excellent team work!!
Jackie P 👏 a Technology Professional from NYCDOE District 31
I am blown away by the thoughtfulness of this project! I would love to use this app and would find it beneficial to communicate with members of the Russian side of my family! I hope to one day see this in my app store =)
Sandy 👏 a Technology Professional
This is a great communication app as well as a learning app.