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“TKU Digital Agency”

A Web & Graphic Design Project
By Daniel, Jason, Justin T, Justin M, Patrick, Saumya, Terrance, Ty, Harish, Christian-Michael, and Lillian
High School Students from Tech Kids Unlimited
Digital Agency Logo purple bkgd

About this Project:

TKU Digital Agency is a NYC-based design and creative agency made up of neurodiverse teens and young adults. Until last summer, they didn’t have a dedicated place to showcase their work, skills, and connect with potential new clients.

During the summer of 2020, the Digital Agency collaborated completely virtually to design their logo and built a website to achieve those goals. Agency members worked in two teams: one team building the website and the other designing the logo. The web design team created the wireframe of the website using Figma before moving onto Squarespace. The logo design team iterated logo designs in Figma, often gaining inspiration from each other's work and iterating in real time based on feedback.

Both teams built upon guidelines provided by the TKU administrative team that the Digital Agency’s website and logo be reminiscent of Tech Kids Unlimited’s existing branding and color scheme, while incorporating their own ideas. The Digital Agency work-based learning program is run through Tech Kids Unlimited, a non-profit organization that teaches technology and computational thinking to neurodiverse youth, teens, and young adults through a work-readiness lens. Digital Agency members are paid a stipend for their work on digital client projects.

Project Media


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More About this Project

  • Please visit tkuagency.com to explore the live version of the site!
  • Images 1 & 2 show early iterations of the Digital Agency logo, playing with the computer and keyboard motif and purple, blue, grey color scheme.
  • Images 3 & 4 show early wireframes and color samples for the website design.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Meredith Summs 👏 Sr. Director of After School and Informal Education at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
To the TKU Digital Agency team: amazing job creating a beautiful website - with an impactful mission. I loved seeing and learning about your design process, how you incorporated the Tech Kids Unlimited brand, while still making something that is clearly unique. It is fun to see how your hand drawn original designs became a reality through Figma and Squarespace. Great work - and your design portfolio on the website is SOOO impressive and eclectic!

Nelson Launer 👏 Consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP — Emoti-Con Judge
This is so cool, good work team! I loved poking around the portfolio on your website. Really impressive stuff. In my job I create a lot of presentations, and when we storyboard our ideas, the process looks exactly like the wireframe you created for the TKU Digital Agency homepage. I'm also impressed that you have a dedicated color palette for the web page. Overall I'm very impressed by this project, even more so by the fact that you have stood up a legitimate business with an online presence, portfolio, and contact information for hiring. Bravo!

Michelle Lipira 👏 Sr. UX Designer at Adobe — Emoti-Con Judge
Your agency, brand, and website are incredibly well done. I'm so impressed with your UI/UX capabilities for the website. I can really get a grasp of your design skills through the progress of your logo design. Through your branding and website design you come across as very professional, detail-orientated, thoughtful, and smart. You look ready to be hired for a project!

Chloe Koo 👏 UX Design Lead at Samsung Electronics — Emoti-Con Judge
A great thing about this project was that it involved a number of students. I liked the team collaboration! Individual students have unique talents and bring their creativity into their agency works to help each other. It’s pretty complete, and it contains all the good things you associate with a well-rounded project! Keep rocking!