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“The Quarantine Life”

Creators: Aishwari and Debopriyah
Middle School Students from Girls Who Code @ Stephen A Halsey JHS 157 Q
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About this Project:

We chose the topic of Resilience through Games because this topic is especially prevalent in society, today. Everyone is facing this worldwide pandemic and thankfully, many things are opening and going back to normal. However, many people are reluctant to go outside or follow the guidelines that the CDC put in place for. Additionally, many people aren’t being resilient to COVID-19 because there is still much fear and speculation in the world. In order to address this we decided to create a game that conveys issues that people, more specifically kids, have to face during these hard times, and what better way than games! For kids, games are the new news. Many problems that we face in society are conveyed through games and we decided that this game would try to convey the difficulties of COVID-19 and also bringing hope into players that, if we follow CDC Guidelines, get vaccinated, and do what we can in our potential to stop the spread, a solution to the virus is just around the corner.

Project Media


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More About this Project

We have included a slide presentation of our project with some screenshots of our Scratch program.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Professor at Kutztown University — Emoti-Con Judge
A very unique take on teaching the user CDC guidelines and best practiced during the pandemic. You created an engaging way for the user to interact and play a fun game - helps build empathy and understanding. It's impressive that you were able create all the visuals and build a functioning interactive experience - nicely done.

👏 Content Lead at Fullstack Academy — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, Aishwari and Debopriyah!

I love how interactive this game is! I also love how you're incorporating emotions here. It's so important for us to feel our feelings, and seeing prompts like that in a video game makes it a valuable way for users to connect to their mental health.

I think the game you've created also has a lot of potential for personalization, which is key to video game design: building a world where the user feels like they're a part of it! What other characters would you add, and what would their narratives be?

I'm excited to see what you'll create next. Maybe a fun v2 could be incorporating mental health and positive habits into your life post-pandemic? Thanks for sharing your work with us!

👏 Library Technical Assistant III at New York Public Library — Emoti-Con Judge
It was interesting to have choices for the many scenarios and having the chance to replay scenarios when you picked the wrong answer. It reminded me of the choose your adventure Goosebumps books that I read as a kid. Have you thought about giving Brian more scenarios? Good job!

👏 We Need 2 Talk & The Equity & Disproportionality Lab at Temple University — Emoti-Con Judge
Creators, you did a great job of making a game about this challenging moment that is approachable and fun. You've created a game where users can learn about the CDC's recommendations and also try out scenarios to get comfortable with returning to the world. This seems like a great tool for teens who are nervous about returning to in-person socializing, and I love that you provide a space for people to share their concerns. The color and images you've chosen are bright and sunny, which gave me a hopeful feeling. One suggestion for future iterations might be to have the characters interact in safe, smart ways!

👏 Digital Marketing Manager at Facebook — Emoti-Con Judge
What a great use of game design to highlight a very important issue like the impact of Covid-19! I appreciate the "choose your own adventure" theme and the personalization of each character. I also appreciate the level of vulnerability the characters displayed in speaking about the mental and physical toll the pandemic has taken on them. I think we can all relate! It would be great to see more pathway options the characters can take and maybe an explanation for why a pathway is not a good choice. Overall, great job!

Feedback from the Community:

Vidhi 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens, NY
I like how this project is relatable but carries a strong message at the same time. It is a nice game!
Jakhongir 👏 a Middle School Student
This tells of my own life during the quarantine so that made me think that this really good game.
Ariella 👏 a Middle School Student
This game design is awesome! It was very intriguing and I loved how it allowed the gamers to choose what their character should do. This really spreads the word about sticking to the CDC guidelines while having fun indoors! Great job!
Joshua 👏 a Middle School Student from NYC
I like the story and how you can choose your own adventure.
Vivian 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens
I really like the creative take on teaching your players on which hobbies and activities are staying true to the guidelines.
Ella 👏 a Middle School Student
This game was so much fun. I loved being able to control the characters and it has a great message to it.
Naomi 👏 a Middle School Student
You game is very engaging and I love all the music. Good Job!
Isabella 👏 a Middle School Student
This game gives the player the freedom to make their own choices. This makes the game pleasant to play.