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“The Game of 2020”

A Game Design Project from the G4C Student Challenge
By Ingine, Eliana, and Alana
Middle School Students from Mouse @ Stephen A Halsey JHS 157 Q
Screen Shot 2021 05 19 at 9 07 55 PM

About this Project:

There have been so many negatives due to the pandemic. One of many of the negatives Is that kids are now less motivated to do their school work,lazy and many suffer from anxiety and sleep deprivation. 40.9% of the kids and teens suffered from mental health issues because of the pandemic. Two of the most common Mental health issues that has happened to the teens over the pandemic is anxiety disorder and depression disorder. This is no surprise however to a lot of people. The pandemic has changed people's lives so abruptly and most for the worst. If you were suffering from this a lot of people recommend trying to interact with people. Your family members, or even people over the phone. Many Also recommend to see a therapist, and perhaps to go outside more.

Although these times were very difficult for everyone especially teens I do think that was a benefit. These teens could learn to not take everything for granted and they could come out of the pandemic with that lesson which would be useful in the future as well. The reason for this is because many people lost their homes, lost their jobs, couldn't afford food and many died because of this pandemic.

In the article https://www.healthychildren.or... it states “It's normal for teens to crave more privacy from their family. Give them space for some quiet time, creative time, music time, or to virtually hang out with friends. This can help ease any feelings of being isolated from their friends or difficulties with routine-change” . Although this way is to cope with mental health it is also a benefit because now you have time to be all by yourself if you're mad or upset. Teens also got to learn how to cope with their mental health and got to figure out what to do when they're feeling depressed or anxious. They got to learn new things and take up new hobbies besides just being on the computer all day and on zoom all day. To add on they became more independent because they practically tech themselves from home now they got to learn how to work a computer and many other things along these 9 months. Even though this was the time that most teens had horrible mental health because of not seeing their friends, going places they like and many more they were a couple of things that they did benefit from and you have to make the best out of every situation.

This pandemic has disrupted everyday life for everyone because there are now new rules and guidelines to follow to keep everyone safe. However, even if it helps the students with their health, it could damage them emotionally and mentally. Don’t give these teens too much space because Covid has impacted their mental health negatively which is why parents must do whatever they can to keep their children engaged. Being away from things that they love and cherish could take a toll on the teens because this was a sudden change and they didn’t adjust to it or understand it as quickly as the adults did. Just like mentioned in the previous paragraph, these struggles can tear people apart internally which is why teens should have reliable coping mechanisms.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Peizhu Yuan 👏 Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Cute and useful game. Starting off the character's day with a time worry feels like a thing that many people can relate to after a long term of indoor study/working. I'm glad I didn't get tricked by your instructions that all the characters besides the astronaut has the same scenario!

I love that the story for the 2nd character from left has a yes/no choice before heading out and the scenario to remind that person to go back and grab their mask is just so cute! And I love how only the "correct" items remain on the screen after you click the phone immediately so you can truly check the images of the "correct" items that you should be bringing outside with you.

The only issue I had was the opening text being a bit long for continuous play. Although it is important and it should definitely be read before starting, each person has their own reading speed and I think you can acknowledge that with a skip to next screen feature. I love this game! It's fun and informative at the same time, making it a true game reflecting for our lives past 2020.

Kathy Rutherford 👏 Biomedical Engineer and Robotics Mentor at Engineering Field — Emoti-Con Judge
I like how the "About this Project" discussed both the pros and cons of isolation during the pandemic. Seeing both sides of this time is a useful perspective. I enjoyed the game and the characters to choose from. I think it was a great idea to create a game around what we needed to remember when going out (especially as I can often forget at least one of these items). This helps students realize that it is their safety and their job to remember these important precautions. The game reminds us of these important things in a fun way. Good job!

Julia Barraford-Temel 👏 Senior Director of Program Management at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
Thank you for focusing on a major part of the pandemic, impact on our mental health, with reminders to take care of yourself and make sure you are prepared to leave the house. I wonder how you could better connect the mental health impact with choosing items to leave the health, maybe add some actions, such as self-care, eat a favorite food, call a friend, etc. Reminding students to take what they need each day to stay safe is such a great activity.

Maggie Muldoon 👏 Senior Manager, Design League at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
What a great concept! I love how much thought you put into your idea and design. Excellent work!

Edwin Pavliukoit 👏 Meteorologist at National Weather Service — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the design and the artistic style! Very relevant in the world we live in today, fun to play, and has excellent potential to go further. Keep up the good work!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
I thought your game was interesting and I like how it was retable.
Ariella 👏 a Middle School Student
This was an awesome and creative game! It was very fun to play and it reminded gamers on what they have to do in order to stay safe during the pandemic! Great job!
Lorian 👏 a Middle School Student from Queens, Ny
This was awesome way to show how to stay safe. Great job!
Michael 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
I liked how the program asked questions.
Nathaniel 👏 a Middle School Student
Continue the great work, I thought your game was interesting and I like how it was retable to todays world.
sumayah 👏 a Middle School Student
I liked how a game was created inspired by a real life problem that happened recently
Ella 👏 a Middle School Student
I really enjoyed the game. Being able to choose what happened as well as the character was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed how relatable it was.