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“South Brooklyn Mutual Aid Requests App”

Creators: Thalia, Ethan, and Thamida
High School Students from Mouse Design League
Screen Shot 2021 05 19 at 7 21 17 PM

About this Project:

Our project addresses the issue of information storage for South Brooklyn Mutual Aid (SBMA) as well as the issue of a language barrier for the clients. We decided to focus on these issues after an interview with a volunteer from the organization. Our app design addresses these issues through creating a login and recording information of users to make it easier for volunteers to organize and access this information. This would also help the clients as they would not have to enter their personal information each time they want to make a request. In addressing the language barrier, the app can be made available in multiple languages as well as exclusively through symbols and icons that might make the app more accessible.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Associate Professor at Lehman College / CUNY — Emoti-Con Judge
Good concept! In your presentation, you should share: What differentiates it from other apps in this field / area? Why would users want to use your app above others? What UI traits draw in users?

👏 Chief of Staff at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This idea of harnessing the power of mutual aid was very innovative and could really help a lot of people. The use of emojis to mitigate language barriers was very clever as well. Your mindset of constantly innovating to make apps as accessible as possible is refreshing. Continue to flesh out this idea further to make this app idea more specific.

👏 Engineer Of Things at Power Home Remodeling — Emoti-Con Judge
This app solves a real problem and could be easily developed into a working application! I like the jam board and how many problems and solutions were thought out.
The team should look into working with SBMA to build this app or apply what they learned to the existing SBMA website.

👏 Visual and UX Designer at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
I love how you chose to solve a problem a local organization was facing! Conducting interviews is a great way to understand your users and how to solve their problems (pain points). Excellent job conducting user research as a basis for this project!

👏 Integration Engineer at Xandr — Emoti-Con Judge
I like the app design that you've created, it looks intuitive and easy to navigate. It seems like this could be a good solution to the problems that your group has identified. Starting with accessibility in mind is a great idea that will help the app reach a larger audience.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
I like your idea of creating an app for language barriers, there are many people who don't speak/understand a certain language and this ways they can still communicate with each other.