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“Saving the Earth”

Creators: Fatimah, Sahara, Aqueel, and Nicholas
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School
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About this Project:

My project addresses the challenges of global warming and the effects of climate change. This is because my project incorporates questions that provide the user to input the number of items that they would like to pick up, hence, “how many trash items do you want to pick up” being asked towards the user. In addition, this allows the user to associate the game with cleaning, and recycling for a better, cleaner earth environment.

My design process for this game was a bit difficult as the graphic itself took time. I came up with my idea by taking some time outside to clean my backyard, and decided that people could do this via a game that could be coded. My project works but allowing the user to type the number of trash items that they would like to pick up to recycle. After that, the user is given a graphic as a “Reward” for participation in the game.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Technology Director at Self-Employed — Emoti-Con Judge
It is wonderful to see your interest in raising awareness around global warming and climate change. I love that you saw an opportunity to tie a tremendously overwhelming global challenge to the everyday actions of individuals and highlight things we can all do to improve the state of our planet. This is a great way to use technology to open people's minds and help them see something that might be difficult for them to conceptualize.

I would encourage you to build on these concepts to draw a more defined connection between the global challenge and individual actions. Helping answer questions like "Why is cleaning up trash important?" or "What are ways to reuse or recycle trash?" can take the concept even further and make it more powerful.

I particularly enjoyed the gold star I received at the end of my interaction with the program. If I could print it out and tape it to my refrigerator I might have done that.

👏 Owner, Executive Producer at Wildcat NYC — Emoti-Con Judge
Impressive work creating a game about such a crucial issue! Focusing global warming efforts down to a specific element – in this case picking up trash – gives your audience a clear reference to understand the impacts of global warming in a more tangible way. Very smart!

It would be exciting to see some statistics included. Perhaps if the user picks up X pieces of trash, the game can tell them how that directly impacts global warming – i.e. “For every aluminum can collected and recycled enough energy is saved to run your television for three hours!”

Thank you for sharing something you are passionate about and bringing awareness to an important topic with your unique voice. Great work!

👏 Meteorologist at National Weather Service — Emoti-Con Judge
A great start to introducing the general public to the magnitude our roles play in recycling. For the next iteration of the app, it would be great to give some general facts on the magnitude and scale of recycling in the general public.

Feedback from the Community:

Ian 👏 a High School Student
I like how you brought light to this as we need to start cleaning up and taking care of our planet a lot more.
Delecia 👏 a High School Student
i really liked how this project addresses the challenges of global warming and the effects of climate change. it raises awareness to many of the effects of our eco-footprint and I'm really happy that you are spreading awareness tho social issues all around the earth
Kristal 👏 a High School Student from Thomas. A Edison High School
Global warming is a VERY important thing in the world since it has many bad affects. I love that you did a project that focuses on an issue that needs more attention. You have a real meaning behind the project.