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Creators: Jada, Christian, Shayaan, Jorge, and Jayden
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ Soundview Academy
Pet Play

About this Project:

Our project is PetPLAY. It’s a tracking app that works alongside a pet collar that allows you to keep track of your pets needs by translating their vocal tones. You can also track the pets health, location, etc. This app helps owners learn more about their pet’s needs while also keeping control of their pets especially while training. The Dog Collar which is linked to “PetPlay” addresses communication and safety concerns while still having a fun time with your pets. It enables you to build a bond with your furry friend by identifying the bark tones of you pet and translating that to its needs. It also helps you stay alert and cautious. Remember, we’re not just about fun and games but we’re altering lives through pet to people relationships!

After a lot of thought, we figured it would be a good idea to design an app that helps make pet owner’s lives easier We went from simple location tracking to mood tracking, weight tracking, setting up playdates, and much more development to the app. Our high-tech collar allows advanced tracking of your pet through different settings on the app. You have the ability to control whatever your dog does when it’s wearing its collar.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Peizhu Yuan
👏 Program Coordinator at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This is an AWESOME idea! Although the app would probably need lots of professional feedback from animal study professors to accurately translate the animal language/emotion as well as a large database to store/analyze all the recorded pet voices, but the idea of being able to understand our furry friends is super exciting to me!

Simple location tracking would already provide lots of help to the pet owners when they let go of their pets in a big park or when they get a pet-sitter, but mood/weight/play dates tracking would help much more. Mood tracking and play dates sound awesome to remind pet owners that they need to take time to care for their pets. I also think it'll be nice to have a knowledge corner for beginner pet owners to go to if they want to know more reasons why their pets are making certain noises or if their pet isn't feeling well what are some steps they can take before sending their pets to a vet.

Avishek Paul
👏 Integration Engineer at Xandr — Emoti-Con Judge
Great application design, I think the logo and the slogan will make this very memorable to its userbase. It seems like a natural progression of wearable technology that already exists today with modifications that give it an entirely new audience. This is a very ambitious project in terms of creating the technology but I am excited about its prospects.

Collin Millington
👏 President & COO at Modern Fanatic LLC — Emoti-Con Judge
I really like the way the deck was written you use simple catchphrases that would be fantastic for marketing purposes for example "Altering lives through pet to people relationships" and "What's companionship without communication". I think there is a real market for an app like this as pet owners or as they refer to themselves "Pet Parents" are a consumer group that is willing and able to splurge on their furry friends. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to differentiate different barks and dog noises into emotions, but maybe there could be a way for owner feedback for the first few weeks where when the dog is barking the owner clicks on different icons in the app to show what the animal was barking at. Overall great job and I will not be surprised at all to see a wearable item like this come to market in the not too distant future.

Amanda Perales
👏 Aluminati Member at The Emoti-Con Steering Committee — Emoti-Con Judge
What a fantastic idea. People have probably always wanted to know what exactly their furry friends are thinking and feeling. More often then not, we really just have no idea because they cannot speak in human tongue. Therefore, your idea could possibly change the world. Your app seems to be more catered to dogs so I would like to know if you have any ideas for cats.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
I think this is a. Great app design this is a helpful and amazing app design for animals that we usually see everyday.
👏 a Middle School Student
this is a good idea, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t have any false-stuff. most apps do that
Maggie 👏 a Community Member from Mouse
Great Design and Idea!
👏 a Community Member
Awesome project and really cute logo too! I especially love how the body is the conversation bubble instead of the head/mouth.