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“No Pain No Board Game”

Honorable Mention 👏
An App/Software Project
By Teeny
a Middle School Student from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 582
No Pain No Board Game

About this Project:

Hi, my name is Teeny. I am a 6th grade student at M.S. 582. I have created an app called No Pain No Board Game.This app is designed to help seniors maintain a happy and healthy active lifestyle.
I chose to help seniors because seniors and younger people have different exercise routines and habits. I thought it would be nice if an app was created for them to go at their own
pace. Also when seniors get older their family or friends tend to spend less time with them so I decided that the app can let them invite their family and friends so they can exercise with them no matter how far away.
Healthy eating for seniors contributes to physical health, but it also has a huge role on memory and mental function, so I wanted to make sure the seniors that use the app will have a good diet based on what their doctors say.
This app will assist seniors by making sure that they will have a healthy weight and mental health by providing them with multiple choices of exercise videos they can follow and have a healthy diet schedule.

When I created the app, I thought about what features the app will have. Of course the first thing I thought about was a exercising feature so at first I was just going to give them videos. Then I thought about how seniors sometimes can feel lonely so I made it so that they can start a video chat and invite their family and friends and exercise together. Then I thought it would be kinda boring to just be about exercising so I added games. But I didn't want it to be easy to get the games so I added trophies so you would have to unlock the game. I also added the diet feature because I thought it would be good for them to have a good diet and so the diet wouldn’t be willy-nilly. I made it so that the app sends their doctor an email asking what type of diet the senior needs or if they really need one at all. Finally I added daily motivational speeches because it’s useful in dealing with difficult times.

I am happy with the way our app turned out because this app can help seniors maintain a healthy diet and body weight, spend time with family and friends while exercising, give recipes for diet and give entertainment with games. I’m happy that I can help seniors with this app.

If I had more time to refine my app, I would like to add more on to the trophy feature. Yes, the trophies will still unlock games but I was hoping to add special trophies that are different from the rest. These trophies you will have to work a little harder for them. Because if you get these trophies then you can choose from the app's shopping store and that item you chose from the store will be delivered to you. Now the store will contain regular senior friendly stuff like comfortable furniture, photography equipment or boats and stuff. It’s like the games, a prize for their hard work. Also, I want the app to deliver the person exercise equipment when they register. I want the app to do this so, they can be able to do most of the videos because some of the videos would contain exercise equipment for some seniors and I don’t want the senior to have to buy the exercise equipment themselves so I want the app to deliver it so they have the necessary stuff to do most of the videos.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Serena Robinett 👏 Education Specialist at Spotify/Soundtrap — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job on coming up with an important app! This will have a great impact on seniors and their loved ones! I loved reading about how you started with the concept and added to it- like how you added working out with family members to combat loneliness. My feedback is to consider accessibility- some elders have vision and hearing impairments so you might need to have bigger fonts, audio instructions, or captions. I also loved the idea of requesting dietary instructions from the doctor is incredible!

Chelsea Formica 👏 Chief of Staff at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This idea was innovative, useful, and FUN! I love that you chose an idea that would help a group of people that might not have apps specifically geared towards their age group.

I like that you really thought about all facets of a senior's life, not just fitness. Your incorporation of diet, social interactions, and entertainment into the fitness app was innovative.

Your prototype was very well designed and walked the user through each step of your idea. It was very clear to me what your idea was and how you would plan to execute it. The idea of having trophies or awards to give out for seniors' accomplishments was very clever. This will help to keep the user engaged.

If you are creating this amazing content in 6th grade, the sky is the limit!!!

Michael Carroll 👏 Head of Product at Baton Technologies — Emoti-Con Judge
I love this idea. It's so important to support older community members and this does a great job. I loved joining in on yoga sessions together, that would be a great opportunity. If I could think of one thing to do differently, I'd suggest thinking about what users will want in games. They may be disheartened by their favorite game being unlocked, so maybe trophies for levels could make sure they can try whatever game they want. I hope my grandparents get early access to this game!! It's really cool and I'd love to use it with them.

Olivia Ing 👏 Founder, CEO at Playspaces — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi Teeny, you are totally awesome! You have created such a sophisticated and well-integrated app product, congratulations! The user interface design is very clear and easy to use. I really like the ability to let seniors choose to stay healthy at their own pace as well as inviting others to join them. Intergenerational connection is so important! The use of live video technology to help seniors stay connected is so smart! I appreciate the this is connected with the doctor's prescribed diet and has opportunities for the seniors to buy equipment and furniture needed to do the exercise. That will make things much more convenient so they don't have to search everywhere to accomplish the goals. I would suggest exploring various ways to unlock the content that makes it too difficult to continue. I love the motivational speech section, and can really see these positive reinforcements be the anchor of your user experience design. You have achieved great things here, and the sky is the limit! Bravo!

Feedback from the Community:

Isabel 👏 a Middle School Student from New York City
This one should have way more votes. Not alot of people know what this was a movie this student made.Its completly awesome! They have my Votes
Jay 👏 a High School Student from New York
I really enjoy how in-depth and detailed the explanation of this app was! My critique is to possibly shorten and to keep the readers attention. Overall I think that a lot of work was put into this project, and the fact that it was done all by one person is impressive indeed.
Vanessa 👏 a Teacher from Brooklyn
sam 👏 a Middle School Student
you did an amazing job
Sophia 👏 a Middle School Student
i love how you made it into an actual app i thought that was really cool
👏 a Middle School Student
It’s very creative, I like the colors that you added and I think it adds life to the game.
👏 a Middle School Student
I’m very impressed this app is very innovative and has many cool features and I can see this being a really helpful app .
Jahlil 👏 a Middle School Student from Bronx
It informeding
Josiah 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
I like that the video shows the how the app would work and even makes it look like the app is an actual app.
Jada 👏 a Middle School Student
This was a very cool app :) I look forward to seeing if this will become an actual app or not if it isn’t already!
Mr. Amobi 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn, NY
That was fantastic! You were able to think about all the basic functions of an app, and that entire presentation was smooth, poised and you nailed it! Keep working hard on this, and you'll make so much money in the future. Well done!
👏 a Middle School Student from New York
I think this app is really well done! It'll make a big impact with the elderly and seniors. Thank you for making this!
Hailey 👏 a Middle School Student
i like how you provided a video to show us how it works! good job!:)
Ms. Buono 👏 a Teacher from MS582
great job Teeny! I love this idea and how it can help the older people in our community. One thing I would add would be a survey for the user's so they are able to participate in activities that they would enjoy!
Darwin 👏 a Middle School Student
I really liked the app that you made Teeny. The app was very well made i really liked your whole project.
👏 a Teacher from MS 582
Very well done. Easy to use with very clear instructions and options.
Tiberius 👏 a Middle School Student from MS582
it was good
Edwin 👏 a Middle School Student from New york
This would be very helpful to the elderly since they have to be active to stay healthy and happy. I love the feature where you can unlock different trophies by doing different excersizes.
Lawrence 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
This is really good, people could definitely use this for motivation to do activities
John 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
This is a very good app and can help with everyone’s daily exercises in all ages.
👏 a Teacher from Teacher from MS582
Great work Teeny! you create a very interested project
👏 a Teacher from Teacher from MS582
Great work Teeny! you create a very interested project
Reinaliz 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
This app is very creative and give students more motivation to exercise. I would use this app if it was real because this is an amazing to exercise and have fun at the same time. This should have way more votes!
Ms. Balzaretti 👏 a Teacher
I really like how this idea started. Presenting a background story that is relatable and geniune is important when starting a an app or business. You presentation was very clear and and I like the layout of your app. It's easy to understand. Great Work!!!
👏 a Teacher from MS 582
First of all, GREAT JOB! I love how you woven multiple needs into one solution. Your idea has the potential to be life changing. Literally. I feel safe knowing the future is in good hands with students thinking just like you. Thank you and good luck!
CeeGeeNY 👏 a Teacher from New York City, NY (USA)
Teenny, I am so thrilled watching you progress, designing such an expert looking "assistive technology" app. You have shown major improvement from when you started to the day of submission. You continuously made daily changes and touch-ups until you really mastered your design idea. The supplemental video you created was mind-blowing and captured the essence of the app's purpose and use. I believe this app will have many, many downloads. Congratulations again on such fine work... I am so proud of you!!
Juan Carlos 👏 a Technology Professional from DIIT Technology Director
I really enjoyed your project. I have elderly parents and i think something like this would be very useful for them. This project has potential to become even a social platform for seniors... many seniors do not have folks to talk to. The app looks well designed and easy to use. keep it up.. looking forward to seeing how this application continued to evolve.
Emily :) 👏 a Parent
Such an amazing project. This makes me feel awesome about society! Your user interface design is so beautiful. The one problem I have is that it's just too good!