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“Need Help Get Help App”

An App/Software Project
By Leanny, Deshawn, Farah, Shyma, and Kishon
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 358Q
Need Help

About this Project:

Our app is about helping disabled people find a location to pick up their device and chat with their doctor to see how much they improved using the device. Our app provides communication and location in order to help find locations with your disability and helps communicate with your doctors fast and with people that may have the same disability as you.

The challenge, issue, and or need our project addresses is communication and location help for people with disabilities. It help disabled people find a near location or get a ride. Another service we provide is the communication part of our app which helps disabled people communicate with their doctors or other displaced people with the same or similar disability. Our design process started as researching and picking important stuff that will help. After that we looked at templates to form some ideas in our heads and then we jotted down what we wanted such as the color scheme, font, etc. Lastly, it came do designing, we put those ideas together and added on to each area. That’s what our design process was and how we came up without idea, and how it was evolved.

Our project works by clicking a button to a specific area. For example in the home page select a button to take you to that service. In communication click a button like call or chat. In the call area click the phone to be in the call. In the chat area click on a contact to chat and type a message to that person as normal. The schedule an appointment area already provides instructions! On the home page, let’s see if you decide to go on to locations, click on the ride feature to meet a ride such as bas or taxi and the map provided on locations can be used for looking for other locations.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Michael Carroll 👏 Head of Product at Baton Technologies — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a really important cause and I'm glad your team chose to focus on it. You definitely have thought about it and have a couple great features on your app! One thing I would also love to see is how you researched what's important. That's very impressive you're strategically thinking about that already! Sharing your thoughts can take this to the next level, very impressive!

Joey Raiton 👏 Education Modernization Team Head of Design at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
Leanny, Deshawn, Farah, Shyma, and Kishon – what an amazing process you've shared to tackle such an important social subject as accessibility! I loved seeing the breakdown of your design process – from mentioning you all had a 'research' phase to seeing your sticky notes during the 'concept brainstorming' phase to seeing how you chose color schemes, a template, and apply everything into a 'low-fidelity wireframe' (what we refer to app diagrams in the design industry) ... it was all very well thought-out and displayed in a clear and concise package! I think that you can make your idea even clearer by taking your 'wireframes' and making them into a clickable prototype – basically, a fake version of an app that you can test with users so they can pretend-click through various options on each screen! Doing this in free online applications like "www.figma.com," "www.lucidchart.com," and "www.wireframe.cc" could be awesome – not to mention that I use all of these in my work every day as a designer for Facebook's education team, and I've found that the prototypes I create really help others see my vision. Keep up the good work team!! 🤩🤩🤩

Josh Miller 👏 Professor at Kutztown University — Emoti-Con Judge
A very important topic and I think it's super impressive that you took the time to dig so deep and understand the needs of the users. I think sometimes apps become overwhelming if they try to do too much, and I think it might be useful to consider narrowing down your feature set and expand on the different interactions the user might have on those screens. Apple has amazing resources online in their Human Interface Guidelines on the topic of accessibility & accommodating a variety of disabilities in an app interface- might be worth checking out. You took on an ambitious project and created a prototype that fills a need- great job.

Marcus Del Valle 👏 Program Manager at Code Nation — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a very important project! The issue that you have decided to discuss here is very important and has been an issue for a long time! Where I went to college there was much protest around people with disabilities, namely those beholden to a wheelchair, found themselves arriving late to class and not being hired for certain things because the roads are not clear enough for them to get there in time. Your app encompasses another branch of this struggle and I just want to applaud your work!

I see this as a project with so much potential! Not just for communication but also for helping people locate services they might need! Perhaps hardware stores that help with repairs, shorter paths and/or businesses that have special supports for those in this situation!

This project is very crisp and looks good and easy to use! I think this idea is so deep and has the potential to support even more than the original scope of the project! That is not easy to achieve! Amazing job in planning for such a wonderful and needed service! Great work!

Feedback from the Community:

Maheen 👏 a Middle School Student
I like your design all the thought put into it such as scheduling doctor's appointments and talking to friends and the doctor if needed.
👏 a Middle School Student
I like your color scheme and the section that is called about us because then the people using your app can know more about you.