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“MS 358Q Student App”

Honorable Mention 👏
An App/Software Project
By Leanny, Shyma, Nasira, Kareena, Maisha, Akash, Rifat, Ayeman, Ronnie, Maheen, and Kelsey
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 358Q
358 App

About this Project:

Our app is an app that provides a way for middle school students and teachers to communicate and also provides extra help for students with vocabulary, ELA, math, and science. If any students is struggling with their homework or need help with their school work in general they can go to the “Homework Help” section. If a student is struggling with their work another option is to go to the “Communication” section and they can call or text a teacher for help if the video is not helpful.
The issue our project addresses is that some students might need extra help with their classwork or their family might have a question to ask to the teacher but they don’t have a way to get extra help with their school work or be able to contact the teacher so, our app provides a way for students to contact teachers and provides a way for students to get extra help with their school work.
If a student needs extra support with homework or assignments, or their parents need to contact a teacher they can call or text a teacher directly through our app. Another way a student can get extra support with their homework or assignments is that they can go to the “Homework Help” section where our app provides links to videos related to what you are learning to so they can also use these links for extra support.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Deveena Sood 👏 BFA Integrated Design Student at Parsons School of Design Senior — Emoti-Con Judge
Wooww! I loved following through your process. I particularly love your attention to the design of the app, considering things like font and colours which make a big difference in how your users interact and interpret the app. I like the idea of the app because sometimes you might be shy to ask for help in class but you do need that extra support, so this way each child gets the care and attention they need! I would've loved this when I was in school. I wonder if the app might have a feature for kids to test their learning style, that could be useful information for teachers to know and be able to help the child better? Great job on how thorough and detailed the project is.

Jessica Maissonet 👏 Marketing Manager, Scaled Programs at Google for Education — Emoti-Con Judge
Definitely impressed with the design direction on this one! On UX, this one is an A+! Additionally, it solves for an interesting issue, which is to provide additional support to students who might need it. As a next step consideration, perhaps think about how the system might account for how much help is needed on a subject. For instance, how would it treat someone who's just looking to have something clarified, vs someone who has not yet fully grasped a lesson?
Very nicely done!

Edwin Pavliukoit 👏 Meteorologist at National Weather Service — Emoti-Con Judge
Love the idea, and such a great need to the education community as a whole! This would streamline the learning experience and give students the upper hand in control of their education and interests. Keep up the good work!

Feedback from the Community:

Sadia 👏 a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison CTE highschool
I absolutely love this idea. The app is innovative, creative, and aesthetically pleasing. Especially for remote learning or even using technology, this will allow many students to communicate, and receive help from teachers faster or when urgently needed. Therefore, it's a really helpful app.
👏 a Middle School Student
Overall I believe that this app is a very helpful app in terms of helping students.
nasira 👏 a Middle School Student
amazing work i love everything :)
Zara 👏 a Middle School Student from ms358
I think this app is creative and innovative, I think it looks amazing and represents the school is a very good way, and it looks amazing!
👏 a Middle School Student
This app is creative and helpful and the design is neat.
This app will help a lot of students that need help with school work
Eileen 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn North Borough Office
This is a very helpful app and can really bring the whole school community together. Have you thought about adding a parent piece?