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“Journey to Open-Source”

Creators: Tanav
a Middle School Student from JHS189- Tech club
Journey to Open Source Logo

About this Project:

The issue that my project addresses are the issue of people not wanting to pay for paid apps and software (paid apps and software are called proprietary software). This could be for many reasons such as not trusting the developer of the app and/or software, not being able to afford expensive apps and/or software such as Adobe Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve Studio, etc. Journey to Open-Source helps in solving this issue by teaching people about free alternatives for the proprietary software their already using or are thinking to use. We will suggest the best free software according to their needs that are just as good or even better than the paid software they’re using (or wanting to use).

I have been a user of open-source software for a while (a couple of years). I thought about the people that don’t want to spend money on the huge amounts of proprietary software out there (for reasons such as not trusting the developer, not being able to afford such apps like Adobe Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve Studio, etc.). I decided I should try to make open-source software become more popular and let people know that proprietary software is not the only option. I changed over the course of this project by switching over from the idea of a youtube channel focusing on Linux, to the idea of a website teaching people about open-source software, along with a discord server where people can reach/contact me and ask for any questions, step-by-step tutorials, and suggestions about free and open-source software (but I will also accept any tech-related questions).

Every time I decide to suggest open-source alternatives to proprietary software (in other words, putting content out), I think about what is a popular kind of proprietary software. Let’s say, an office suite (Microsoft Office, in this case). Then I research different kinds of free alternatives for that software to suggest (such as FreeOffice or LibreOffice). But before putting content out (such as on my website or my discord server), I always research about the software that I’m going to recommend and also run the software myself on my machine (either my iMac or my Linux Laptop) and give it a test run to see how good it is/works. I also mention the pros and cons of each app/software so people can find the right one according to their needs. People can also join and follow my discord server for updates for new software since I post software recommendations every once in a while. People can also contact me through my discord server (or email) to get answers to any questions they have and/or suggestions/recommendations for open-source software. People can also hang out and have fun with people all wanting to learn about open-source software in my discord server.

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More About this Project

The first link takes you to the Journey to Open-Source website where you can find things like free video editing software suggestions, free photoshopping apps and software, free screen recorders, and more!

The second link takes you to the Journey to Open-Source discord server, where you can contact me and hang out with people wanting to know more about open-source software and technology.

The third link takes you to the Journey to Open-Source email address where you can contact me directly to ask any questions, suggestions, and/or recommendations.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Technology Lecturer at Several Universities — Emoti-Con Judge
Creating a resource to help us find open source alternatives is a great idea. What makes your approach unique is that you test all of your suggestions. That hands-on work has real value to your readers. Some screenshots or other comparisons of various tools might make it even more useful. Your researched approach will help you develop "Journey" into a trusted go-to information resource.

The website looks professional and is packed with information, and your content is very well written. Your ability to think through and express your ideas will separate you from the crowd in most any career path you choose!

👏 Engineer Of Things at Power Home Remodeling — Emoti-Con Judge
This project is already well on it's way! As a big user of open source software (whole family uses Linux) we frequently struggle with finding the "right" app for a particular problem. This leads to installing four different programs, trying them out, then picking one, uninstalling the other three. Usually eating up half a day.
Having a single site with reviews, videos, side by side comparisons would be great. The discord server was a really nice addition! The designer really thought about the community around open source software.

👏 Meteorologist at National Weather Service — Emoti-Con Judge
Being personally attached and reliant on open source myself, I find this project very close to heart and relevant to the world of open source and the community it encompasses. Excellent web design, great layout, and right to the point. Long live open source!

Feedback from the Community:

Ms. M 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Flushing, Queens
This is a great idea! Especially for people who would like to start out and just learn about certain softwares but not be able to afford it. Thanks, Tanav!
Miri 👏 a Technology Professional
This is an amazing summary of the benefits of open source software! We should all be supporting community developed, open coding so people around the world have access to technology without depending on products that are too expensive to use! Great job!
Jonah 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Brooklyn
Hey Tanav - awesome project! here's a reference for you: https://alternativeto.net
Naresh 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian
Great work! This is very helpful for people who can’t afford expensive software. You made this very easy to learn especially for beginners and students. Keep up the great work!
Eileen 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn North Borough Office
It is clear that this topic is very important to you and that you have done thorough research. This is a great way to make open source more available to all!