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An App/Software Project
By Isabella, Hailey, Nyalies, Delilah and Sophia
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 582

About this Project:

Hi, our names are Isabella, Hailey, Nyalies, Delilah and Sophia. We are 6th grade students at M.S. 582.

We have created an app called IYBUTA. This app is designed to help people who are visually impaired.

We chose this disability to help the people who are visually impaired because there are not a lot of apps created for visually impaired people. This app will assist people who are visually impaired and/or blind and/or who read Braille.

When we created the app, we all chose our own parts of slides and came up with ideas and shared them with the rest of the group to explain our app more.

After creating the app, we received feedback that was the process of creating the app and adding more details about our final thoughts of our app. We used this feedback to not only fix some mistakes we had but to add things that we got from the feedback to help not only us but you understand more of what the app is about.

We are happy with the way our app turned out because all our ideas were combined into making the app and we also all agreed that the app was good and that it was our final design.

If we had more time to refine our app, we would like to be an actual app that real people can use. If we were able to make this idea real, we would make it for all people with different types of disabilities and visual impairment so that everyone can use the app and so that it is friar for all.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

BiaSciLab L. 👏 CEO at Girls Who Hack / Secure Open Vote — Emoti-Con Judge
Right off the bat the name and logo of your project caught my attention! I absolutely love how you 5 worked together and figured out all the details of this this app as a team. Your pitching and presentation of the overall concept was outstanding! If I was a shark on Shark Tank I would totally invest in your project! This project would help so many visually impaired people in a simple and easy to use way. I cant wait to see what other ideas you come up with for future projects!

Saul Einbinder 👏 Technology Lecturer at Several Universities — Emoti-Con Judge
It is great that you're thinking about how you could create an app to help people with vision issues. I like how you thought about various ways that the app could be helpful (reading articles, directions, etc.). I'd love to see an example that compares how IYBUTA is easier to use than Siri.

Were you able to get feedback from a vision impaired potential user? In apps I've designed, getting input from the 'target audience' to help iterate the design is always the most exciting part!

Looks like you had fun building this. Nice work!

Sarah Judd 👏 Curriculum Manager at AI4ALL — Emoti-Con Judge
I love your choice of audience! Many people (even adult developers) forget about accessibility concerns for visually impaired people. Did you talk to visually impaired people to work on your design? It's very helpful to talk to people from your audience, to hear what frustrations they are dealing with and what they need; it will often surprise you. I love that you've thought of different voice options and other customizability. The slides are very elegant! I would like you to design slides that I create to teach curriculum with.

Azfar Rizvi 👏 Omni Experience Manager at Verizon — Emoti-Con Judge
This is such a wonderful idea. The app looks gorgeous, the choice of branding and esthetics is great. I would love to place this in the hands of some member of our visually challenged community and see how they feel about it. Your focus on TTS is spot on and I am glad you're working on the next version that you mentioned in your slides. Can you tell me what these new features will be in the upcoming updates?

The world we live in can easily exclude people who are different than us. Your app challenges that - wonderful work!

Kathy Rutherford 👏 Biomedical Engineer and Robotics Mentor at Engineering Field — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the idea that this app will help the visually impaired community. While Alexa can be used in the home, this app allows users greater control over phone based apps, which is useful inside or outside of the home. I liked the artwork and design as well as the wireframe drawing of the flow of the app screens. I would love to see your group code this app to learn about the next steps. Another good part of this project was how you credited the team members and their contributions and how you worked together. Great job!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Technology Professional from Ny
Great app. Thoroughly thought out informative
Isabel 👏 a Middle School Student from New York City
I think this app is helpful in many ways. They get my votes
Anthony 👏 a College Representative from Baruch College
Amazing app. Great work. You guys are brilliant
Shelly 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
This is an awesome app, it’s very intuitive! These girls are very intelligent & creative!
👏 a College Representative
This was very well done. Profession work. Excellent job !
Gigi 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn New York
I absolutely love this app idea, I loved that you included different that the app can be useful for different visually impaired people. You got my vote.
Genny 👏 a Community Member from New York
I’m very happy about this app I’m so proud on what the girls have done. Also the time and creativity they put to help others.
You guys are amazing, you got my vote 🙌🏼🥰⭐️
Michelle 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn NY
This is a great app. Brilliant of these girls to think of this. What a way to help out. 👏👏
Evelyn 👏 a Parent from Connecticut
This app is a great idea. Technology is in your future. I can’t wait to see the new upgrades. You got my vote!!
👏 a Parent
Wonderful idea on using an app to make an visually impaired person daily task easier. Giving back their independence. Great building block to see what else can be added.
Alexa 👏 a Parent from Bridgeport Connecticut
This is an amazing project these girls are doing.
Josian 👏 a Middle School Student
This was a nice app because it is simple and it is easy to use
Jaeleen 👏 a Middle School Student from Nyc
Great job I love it!
Myrie 👏 a Middle School Student
This app is really good it has my vote.
A Student 👏 a Middle School Student from New York City
I think its a helpful app but i think they repeated that it was alot like Siri and they kept naming to same reasons why the app was good but overall i like htis app.I also loved the design of there slides and some of the app features.They have my vote.
Diovonni 👏 a Middle School Student from New York brooklyn
Good job girls
Jayden 👏 a Middle School Student from New York/ Brooklyn
I think this project is amazing and so creative. The presentation was also amazing. Overall great project 10/10.
Argenis 👏 a Middle School Student
Amazing job!! This app can help so many ways, great job!!
Joe Longarino 👏 a Teacher from Brooklyn , NYC, MS582
Awesome Job!! Very creative!!
Jacob 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
It was amazing because they made it easier to use their app
Alysha 👏 a Middle School Student from M.S.582
This was nice good job guys very good great job😝
Nancy 👏 a Parent from New York
I think that this app is amazing and very helpful. If you put your mind to it you can really make this app a life changer for blind people
Julius 👏 a Middle School Student
I liked the idea that the IYBUTA team tried to help the visual impaired people by making the app and all the features.
Roberto Vizcarrondo 👏 a Parent from Bridgeport Connecticut
This is amazing. I love the app and all it has too offer. These girls are amazing. Congratulations on a job well done
Nadine 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn, NY
This app and presentation is amazing. These ladies did a wondeful job, can't wait for it to start getting some use.
Great job ladies!!!!!
👏 a Teacher from MS582
Excellent design! it is amazing that our students are thinking out of the box. i applaud all if you for designing a Tech program that will help our vision impaired community in their daily living activities. Creating Sustainable and accessible community is the key
Kimberly 👏 a Community Member
As a member of the community this app is needed and couldnt have been presented better. The girls displayed this beautifully. They definitely have my vote!
👏 a Community Member
An app to help the visually impaired and a variety of people with all kinds of disabilities is genius. Very wholesome project. These girls are the definition of thinking out the box. You have my vote
Marilyn 👏 a Parent from Queens, NY
You girls did an excellent job in creating this app. The app is so well design and so helpful in so many ways for those who are vision impaired. Wishing you all much success.
👏 a Community Member from New York
Great to see young minds creating and helping others.
Jessie 👏 a Community Member
Absolutely amazing and inspiring. Keep moving forward to a bright and innovative furniture. So proud of you!!!!
Emily 👏 a Parent from Connecticut
This app was very creative, well thought out. You girls have my vote. Amazing!!
👏 a Technology Professional from Brooklyn
This is a very good display of what the minds of children can accomplish when a project / task is at hand. Team work and motivation to help the visually impaired shows that they get the message. Right on time, dare to care.
Ronald 👏 a Technology Professional from NYCDOE
This is very thoughtful and very well thought out that will benefit those whom have this disability !!!! Great Job and keep up the great work
Magaly 👏 a Teacher from Willow Spring, NC
I love to see our future leaders demonstrating such innovative ideas. This looks really great and I wish you all the very best. You are all Amazing!
Alexis 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn, NY,
This app is designed soo beautifully and is thought out wonderfully. You made something that is beneficial and helpful for people with disabilities.
Im so proud of you girls❤️
👏 a Middle School Student from new york city.
I think its a helpful app but i think they repeated that it was alot like Siri and they kept naming to same reasons why the app was good but overall i like htis app.I also loved the design of there slides and some of the app features.They have my vote.
Betty 👏 a Parent from Manalapan, NJ
Amazing job ladies!!!
Extremely proud of you all, great idea to think of the visually impaired.
Martha 👏 a Parent from Manalapan, NJ
Technology is the future, awesome to see the creativity of these ladies.
You have my vote!
Cristina 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn, NY
These ladies are on fire with their creativity with this app. Wonderful way to think of the visually impaired to help them. They have my vote!!! Congratulations
Kathleen 👏 a Community Member from Hightstown, NJ
This app is very impressive and innovative. Such smart and kind students you are. Thinking in showcasing helpful tools that continue supporting equality. I see a brilliant future ahead of you. You have my vote!
Linda 👏 a Parent from Long Island, NY
This app looks amazing and will be such help to those in need! These young ladies are so creative! Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication.
Titi Yvette 👏 a Parent from Manalapan, New Jersey
Amazing creativity from these young ladies! And to be gracious enough to consider the visually impaired just goes to show how community conscious these young ladies are. Keep up the amazing work! So proud!!!!
Ray 👏 a Parent from Old Bridge, NJ
Ladies you are extremely creative and thoughtful to create an app for the visually impaired community. You have my vote!!!! Keep the creativity coming can't wait to see what is next...
Yajaira 👏 a Parent from Brooklyn
Not only does the app IYBUTA seem like one of the most efficient apps for someone who is visually impaired but you can tell that it was created with the care for anyone who falls in that category. I love how easy it is to start the process of opening an account and how easy it is to use, and that it can do stuff outside of the app itself for you. The slideshow in itself was very informative and useful to understand the purpose and the hopes of this app if it were to come true. I truly do hope it does get created because like the creators stated there really isn’t much options when it comes to apps for the visually impaired in a world where technology is so important. I have to say you Amazing Ladies Definitely have my VOTE!
Sophia 👏 a Parent from Montville
I love the app! Such a great idea and helpful for the visually impaired. An easy setup which eliminates the stress of setting up apps. Definitely a thumbs up! GREAT JOB!! Would love to see IYBUTA app created!!
Nel 👏 a Technology Professional from Brooklyn
It’s so incredible how these young great minds put together such a mindful and practical app to help the visually impaired. Great work students 👍🏽