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“Gaming To The Future”

Creators: Muadh, Mohamed, and Branelias
Middle School Students from JHS 189Q Tech Club
GTTF cover photo

About this Project:

We are Gaming to the future.

We are a channel about Retro Gaming and how gaming has changed throughout the past and the present. We review and compare old games to the newest versions of them through the eyes of teenagers, who did not grow up with the older generations of gaming. We show how games have changed and how a person’s perspective on gaming has changed throughout their lifetime. We also show how games help to demonstrate how the world has changed throughout these years, Such as characters of color and female characters. Gaming can show a story of how society changes from the days of the Gameboy to the new and improved Nintendo Switch.

Now let’s talk about our video creation process! The way we come up with the video idea is by meeting up in our discord voice chat, and brainstorm. We also write down all the video ideas we come up with so that we never run out of ideas. We usually choose the video idea that is actually possible to do at that moment, for instance, we might come up with the idea to do a video comparing the first GTA game to the newest iteration, but if we don’t have the game, we write it down, and come back to it when we do have it. After we make sure that we have everything we need to make the video, we start recording gameplay for the video. Once the 3 of us get the gameplay recording, we quality check it and see if we might need some more footage. Next is the fun part, voice-overs! We meet up in the Discord Voice chat again and start coming up with scripts, and give feedback. Once the script is done, we record our voiceovers. Now that the hard part is out of the way, we finally get into video editing! Most of the work is putting all the videos together and finding the best parts of the gameplay to add to the voiceovers. After that, I try to add some visuals so that the audience can better understand what we are talking about when we use names. I also like to sprinkle in some comedy when the moment suits it. Finally, we would look over the video and look for anything we can fix. And once we’re done, we have finished a perfect Gaming To The Future video.

At first, we were just kids who wanted to make videos of us playing games until we soon realized that everyone was doing that. Until we realized that we can make videos of us comparing older games we did not grow up with, with video games we did grow up with. This would give people an idea of how we view things and how society has changed and how it is shown through how video games have changed. We started out thinking that we would just make video game comparisons but we soon realized that showing what gaming to the future might mean. We decided to make a podcast talking about how Nintendo might evolve.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 MFA Design and Technology Student at Parsons School of Design — Emoti-Con Judge
Love the amount of collaborative effort put into this! The game analyses, the scripting, the animation - so many wonderful elements that make your first video a compelling watch. I think you’ve been very observant with many of the game design elements, noticing what the game designers did to make the game more challenging and entertaining, which may not be obvious for the casual gamer. Which series will you be doing next? As a gamer who’ve been playing since Sega Genesis days, I look forward to more comparisons of popular games and their past/present editions!

👏 UX Writer at Spotify — Emoti-Con Judge
Super smart! Gaming channels are popping up everywhere, especially gaming teams. I think there is an audience for this and a good time to enter the space. I'm super interested in how today's games compared to games of the past. I love that you're experimenting with podcasts and regular videos. I'd love to see you expand in maybe live streaming analysis of games. That would be awesome to see. Overall, good job!

👏 Integration Engineer at Xandr — Emoti-Con Judge
Great video, I liked the stylized avatars - it adds a unique style and charm to the channel. As you've already said video games have changed a lot over the years and I think it would be great to see the differences in world design, character design, and representation between the past and the present.

Feedback from the Community:

Ms. M 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Flushing, Queens
Very cool to make those comparisons!
MC (Matthew) 👏 a Middle School Student from JHS 189Q
I like how you guys' project is very detailed and straightforward. Right on!