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“Evitch: After School Gaming”

Creators: Nyla, Skyler, Morgan, and Arianna
Middle School Students from BCCP at STAR Early College Middle School
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About this Project:

Evitch: After School Gaming is a text based game made in Twine. It was created for the Games 4 Change Student Challenge part of the "Resilience Through Games" theme. We selected it because it relates to what we do in our Gaming Class and the importance of connecting to people through any means, such as games and remote activities. Especially now in the covid19 global pandemic with the quarantine and social distancing.

We met at least once a week since February to develop the game together and also had support from our G4C mentor Adeeb Syed. We were able to complete the game but we also wanted to include: a character customization option, type in text to have more player input outside of the game provided choices, more character artwork/images, and expand on the powers of Evitch more in the gameplay (more ways to use time travel and mind reading)

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More About this Project

The link takes you to our Twine game page.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Technology Director at Self-Employed — Emoti-Con Judge
The creativity on display here is off the charts. Of course the Evitch character is the most obvious example but I found myself exploring options for all 3 of the characters and enjoying the different perspectives. I really loved how certain terms were linked so that the player could get more information on them. This was a fantastic use of the underlying platform (the browser) to deliver content to players in a native way.

The storylines are really well constructed and again very fun. I did feel that the underlying message of the project - Resilience through Games - was somewhat obscured by the playfulness of the game itself. This is not a horrible problem to have afterall but I think the designers could rebalance the experience slightly to bring forward a little more about the message.

But otherwise there are a lot of little details in this game that are really well thought out and make it special. The graphic of the zoom display with half the kids having cameras off made me chuckle. The class agenda feels real enough to be from an actual classroom. Even the ability to go backwards with the back button was an excellent touch and encouraged exploration. There was a lot of really impressive planning and thought that comes through here and I'm excited to see where these game developers go next.

👏 UX Design Manager at Samsung Electronics — Emoti-Con Judge
Very nice work! I’m so impressed with the process of team collaboration and how the project looked at three different user flows and not just one. It is also considered an end-to-end experience.

I can see that a lot of thought has gone into the game, especially the storyline. I would love to see more about the thought process and how you approach some visual treatments in the future. Keep up the great creative work!

👏 Aluminati Member at The Emoti-Con Steering Committee — Emoti-Con Judge
I am very impressed with how much content you all were able to fit into this twine game. It is so clear that the group really sat down and thought about their personal experiences with community based gaming.

You guys did an amazing job putting the player in the position of both teacher and student while remaining realistic and heartfelt throughout, the Evitch character is especially interesting. I'd be really excited to see what your next steps would look like!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Community Member
Great, job to all the youth designers who worked on this project! Keep thinking and creating a path forward to a better future.
isabel 👏 a College Representative from BCCP-RFCUNY
Evitch: After School Gaming can be a guide for after-school professionals and participants interested in so many things like gaming, coding, and web design, to get started into developing a virtual presence with a group of likeminded peers: i love it! I would love to see it continuously evolving into even more interactive components in an array of games designed by these brilliant minds: rock on, Nyla, Skyler, Morgan, and Arianna and all the Middle School Students from BCCP at STAR Early College BCCP after school.