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“Diversity Extravaganza”

Creators: Kristal and Luis
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School
Culture Porject

About this Project:

This project is a small game about diversity and standing up for minority issues in America. it gives you different options on how to help spread awareness and solutions to the problems faced right now by many minorities.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Admissions Counselor at University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a timely issue and I deeply appreciate your attention to this as you thought of what to focus on in your project! Raising awareness is ALWAYS important no matter what form, so Thank you! <3

👏 President & COO at Modern Fanatic LLC — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the history lesson as a game this was really a powerful message. I would love it to go a bit more in-depth with options on how people actually did step in and help and the perils of doing that. There was a lot of writing on this and the pictures and design looked great I'm sure it was a bit overwhelming to do, but you pulled it off and should be proud of yourselves.

Feedback from the Community:

Ian 👏 a High School Student
I like how you chose a current event and put awareness around it and developed it a lot. It was really well done.
Delecia 👏 a High School Student
i really liked how you are spreading awareness to a social issue
Samiya 👏 a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School
I really like how well organized your game was. Your video submission was very engaging and informative.
mohammad I 👏 a High School Student
strong and power full message and is an amazing project.
Michella 👏 a High School Student
I liked this game and this game is a game that I would enjoy playing. It helps you use your brain in a way that you thought you wouldn't use it on any other day.