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“Distribute App”

Creators: Paola, Lynette, and Leslie
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ IS 145Q
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About this Project:

The project by the name "Distribute" is an app that faces the problem of hunger around the world. We came up with this idea when we were eating lunch at school and realized how much untouched food is thrown away.

How the app works is by a basic and straightforward menu that tells you where is everything, from here you can purchase food with points that are given to you when you donate food, however you can also get food from a limited stock that is just meant to be donated to the people who can't access points because of their condition as having no food to donate to get points.

<-- menu <-- purchase with points or from donations.

To start off, you make your profile to get access with the app.Then in the handbook section shows how the app works and what you can or can not do in the app.Then in Purchase, shows the Dry foods and the Liquids sections where you ordered with or without points.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Deren Guler
👏 CEO at Teknikio — Emoti-Con Judge
This is a truly inspiring project that offers a solution to a real-world problem and makes us think about our own food waste. The solution can be implemented at a small scale with the potential to grow, which is also very important as you could easily demonstrate the effectiveness and create a case study. I'd be interested to learn more about how you plan to partner with supermarkets and where the donated food is stored.

Deveena Sood
👏 BFA Integrated Design Student at Parsons School of Design Senior — Emoti-Con Judge
Wow! I love that the inspiration for this app came from your own surroundings and experience. I think this is a super clever solution to tackle the issue. Your app is thorough and well thought out. You have considered the user's journey and made sure that features as accessible and easy to use. I also like that you have thought about the means of your audience in the sense that some people may not be able to donate. I wonder how people who could benefit from this service who don't have access to the app could still have the benefits of it? Maybe you tie up with non-profits and some people who might just want to donate and not avail points can sponsor meals? Well done on developing something so empathetic and thoughtful!

Danny Jimenez
👏 Library Technical Assistant III at New York Public Library — Emoti-Con Judge
The inspiration behind the project is astounding. I agree with my colleagues that partnering up with a non-profit and also giving individuals the ability to sponsor meals if they don't want to acclimate points is an amazing addition to this project. You've covered multiple scenarios and the user interface was straight forward and easy to use. Excellent!

Amanda Perales
👏 Aluminati Member at The Emoti-Con Steering Committee — Emoti-Con Judge
Your app is quite inspirational really. I love that you have tried to tackle one of the biggest issues in our society for the longest and in my opinion your idea succeeded in a way. You not only have provided a way to get food to people who need it but have also solved the problem of finding an incentive for people to donate. Your app design is extremely user friendly which is quite beneficial to it's purpose. The only suggestions I would make is to possibly add more color to try to grab the attention of more people and also to think about what to do in a situation where someone does not have a device to access the app. Excellent job.

Feedback from the Community:

Eileen 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn North Borough Office
From start to finish, this is a very thorough project that solves a real world issue. I appreciate the interactive nature and that your team has considered multiple users and perspectives in your design.
Maria 👏 a Technology Professional from Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT)
I love the simplicity and design for this app. It’s so clear and concise so anyone can use it. Excellent work on putting it together.
Juan Carlos 👏 a Technology Professional
This was a very thoughtful project. I loved that you selected a project to feed people. you folks must have big hearts and we love you for it. Keep your heart in anything you do and you will be successful in live and work.