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An App/Software Project
By Muhammad, Arghadip, Fardeen, and Jamel
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ MS 217Q
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About this Project:

Deliverio is an app that will allow users to purchase necessities and to have them delivered. Some challenges our project addresses are that some people may not have a local store or there may not be one near them. Another issue our project addresses is that that some people couldn’t leave their houses because of the pandemic.

We came with our idea by us wanting to help people get necessities since people couldn't leave their houses because of the risk of getting covid. Our project has evolved from it being a small idea to it being a prototype of an app.

Our project works by people signing in or logging in, then they would select an item from the list of items that are currently available, they can also filter their search to make it easier to find the item they need, then they can select their type of payment, after that they can purchase, finally, they can track their item

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Feedback from the Judges:

Lev Parsons 👏 Physics Teacher at St. Bernard's School — Emoti-Con Judge
I’m happy to see that you’re developing a solution that will provide help to folks unable to leave their homes. The user story in your slideshow was informative and clearly shows the usefulness of your app. Consider researching similar apps and finding ways to set your idea apart from the competitors in your field. Convenience is a huge driving factor in the world of app development and your project will provide convenient service to so many people in need! Good work!

Emily Gregor 👏 Content Lead at Fullstack Academy — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, Muhammad, Arghadip, Fardeen, and Jamel!

Thank you so much for sharing your project with us. I love that you're thinking about your community and finding ways to improve access to basic necessities. Your slide deck was informative and well-organized. I wonder—can you find new ways to set your app apart from other competitors? Maybe you can focus on hyper-localization, having exclusivity with partner retailers, or price-matching. I'm excited to see the next iteration of this app!