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Creators: Xin, Matthew, Jay, Bryant, and Mohammed
High School Students from Mouse & BCCP Design League
Commoncourage Logo

About this Project:

Commoncourage is an app by the All Right Titans group from Brooklyn Design League, that focuses on the building of relationships between volunteers who provide mutual aid, and users who require assistance with day-to-day activities. An example of such, being an elderly man who needs help buying groceries, or someone suffering from trauma needing someone to help them.

Commoncourage does a lot more than just help those in need, it builds community, it allows people, who otherwise would’ve never even known each other, to create a bond stronger than steel.

Motivation for this app came from a man known simply as Brad, who sought to bring assistance to those in need, by way of his website, “South Brooklyn Mutual Aid''. South Brooklyn Mutual Aid was a website created by Brad, as a way for him and like minded people to help fulfill requests by people in the community who desperately needed it. Inspired by his vision, we at the All Right Titans felt that we needed to do our part to help make his message and efforts more accessible, using the app ‘Commoncourage’. While South Brooklyn Mutual Aid aimed to do the essential work of helping people in your community, we wanted to build further on this idea.

We focused on the connection between people more in this project by allowing a safe place for volunteers and users to chat and communicate with each other, which builds bonds, but further connects the individual to the community, which is essential to build while everyone is at home.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Associate Director of Content Development & Training at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
The app design and UX are well-thought-out and refined! I can see a lot of potential with this group to continue building these skills into the future. I like how this app builds on programs that are already in place. My question is how you can work directly with other groups to build a strong user base for Commoncourage.

👏 Technology Lecturer at Several Universities — Emoti-Con Judge
Building on Brad's framework is a great way to leverage your strengths (your app design skills) to help make the volunteer community stronger. Your process work shows how you've considered the perspectives of many different people's roles (users, Brad, volunteers).
You might want to think a bit more about how you'll get people in the community to become aware of your app. Nice job with the branding, by the way. The name and logo have a good look, and they convey a story immediately. Terrific!

👏 Founder, CEO at Playspaces — Emoti-Con Judge
A job well done, team All Right Titans! Your team has a clear problem/solution/outcome presentation. I really like the features to personalize the type of volunteers the users would like - I can see an opportunity to further expand on various customization and filtering to pinpoint the perfect helper for those in need. The use of geolocation and push notification to show the volunteers nearby is smart integration. All in all, an stellar effort in helping solve this problem!

👏 Vectors and Illustrations Specialist at Adobe Stock — Emoti-Con Judge
This is an inspiring pitch and very relevant to modern social issues. Your design thinking skills are super useful and could make a big difference in unifying people in their communities!

Feedback from the Community:

Sammy 👏 a Community Member from Brooklyn
I think this app could make a lot of difference for people in brooklyn, but also beyond - if you expand your design to work for other neighborhoods. Good job!