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“Changing Lives”

Creators: Zainab, Mira, and Kayla
Middle School Students from Mouse & DIIT Design League @ Vista Academy
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About this Project:

Changing Lives is an app that was created with the purpose of changing the lives of people in our community. Homelessness and hunger have always been an issue in our community of EastNew York in Brooklyn. The Covid-19 Pandemic made the situation worse. It also caused everyone to stay inside to keep safe.

We designed our app so that you can help feed families from wherever you are with the click of the button. In doing our research, we learned that there are a lot of children who are homeless and hungry and not just adults. We know that most people want to help so Changing Lives will make it easier for them to do that. Providing a meal or supporting someone with shelter could be the first step in their new beginning.

With Changing Lives, you can donate money or food, and you can also find shelter if you need it. We want to be the ones to start Changing Lives!

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Founder, CEO at Playspaces — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi Zainab, Mira, and Kayla, what an amazing idea to help those in need! You guys did a kickass job putting the presentation together! The app idea is awesome. I love how you emphasized that it only takes two clicks to help a homeless person find shelter and food. It shows that you understood the need for the product to be easy to use with as few steps as possible. The design of the user interface is very clear with giant buttons at the bottom to choose the kind of help needed, and the user journey you have laid out after clicking "shelter", "food", "donate" is thoughtful and clear to understand. Within these user journeys, I've observed that some paths are for the homeless to find shelter, and some paths are for the people who want to lend a helping hand and donate. I would consider how the interaction works for each intended use so that you can use the interface design to help direct them on the right path. It is also very smart to use geo-location to help the users find the shelters and food near them. This will really make it so much more convenient to find the right kind of help for these families. You guys did an amazing job!

👏 Front Developer/Software Engineer at Oakman Aerospace (A Redwire company) — Emoti-Con Judge
I really like the concept - this app will not only help the homeless find food and shelter, but also serves as a vehicle to help charities receive donations, both financial and in-kind! I used to work with Urban Peak (a non-profit in Denver) and we had organized a weekly pickup from a Whole Foods to a nearby youth shelter...it's amazing how much food would have been getting thrown out if it wasn't for apps like yours! You might look into signing up grocery stores and restaurants to help with your efforts. A noble and worthwhile cause, with great design and execution!

👏 Education Modernization Team Head of Design at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
Zainab, Mira, and Kayla – what a fantastic new take on supporting one's own community through the power of an application that brings philanthropy, people, and platforms together! Watching your video gave me a super clear understanding of your idea (not to mention Zainab's stellar presentation skills!) and made ME want to change some lives within MY own community! I also was super impressed by your team's sketches, and how they were translated into a prototype using Figma – a professional tool I use all the time as the Head of Design for a Facebook education team. I'd recommend your team continue to build on your idea by taking your already strong sketches and prototype – which to me is also considered a 'low-fidelity wireframe' (how we refer to computer diagrams in the design field), and move towards a 'high-fidelity mock-up,' which is what we refer to a more realized version of your diagrams that look and feel like they could be on the Apple / Android app store!! All of this can be done in Figma, and I believe your team can keep pushing your ideas further on this important topic. Great job! 🎉

👏 Finance & Operations Manager at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This was very clear and well thought out, incredible work to all involved! You all highlighted the need and came up with multiple solutions that are helpful and will make folks more aware of those in need in their community.

Feedback from the Community:

Marliza 👏 a Middle School Student
This is a great idea! With so many money apps of your phone it would be much easier to get other people to donate! People will get the help that they need.
👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn New York
I love this idea, I like the design. It was well organized.
Eliani 👏 a Middle School Student from NYC
I really like how your helping the people in needs, and your not just wasting your time on making a video game, good job guys and good luck!
Daniel 👏 a Middle School Student
Nice job Zainab hope this will be real in the future
Giselle 👏 a Middle School Student from Vista Academy
This is a really great app! You all three did a good job! This will for sure be an app in the future!
Davian 👏 a Middle School Student
This is a great way to reach out to those in need
Afsara 👏 a Middle School Student
This is really cool! :DD
Ms. Wu 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator
Great tagline and concept.
👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
this is really good ! A great way to help the homeless and people that need food or shelter.