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“Centipede Quiz”

Creators: Hasan, Amanda, Calyssa, and Ricardo
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison CTE High School

About this Project:

The project is about raising awareness for centipedes because they are such an underrated insect that gets killed but they are creatures that help the earth and protect us humans. So we designed a quiz like game where questions are being answered and a centipede starts to form when you answer correctly.

If your answer is incorrect we explain the correct answer so the player gets a better understanding.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Program Coordinator at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
This is such a unique idea! Now I know that cetipedes are lone hunters, they eat rotten fruit, and they belong to the same family as millipedes!

Since this is a "quiz" it might be more visually clearer to add headers or new blank lines before each question to separate each question, identify how many questions, and what question number is the user on. It will also be helpful if you identify the question type like the true and false questions so that it's easier to identify the exact answer that the system will take. Looking forward to seeing more questions and descriptions to learn more about the importance of centipedes!

👏 Director Industry Strategy at Prophecy — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job! I love that you created a quiz that not only has the answers but gives players more information to help them understand more about centipedes. Good job on getting it running complete with randomization and interactive prompts.

I would like to see a bit more about why centipedes are important to set up the game (maybe an intro screen?). It might also help to give information out for the wrong answers as well so people can learn from their mistakes ... or even add a play it again loop so that they can get all the answers right (I ended up running the script again until I got them all right).

Thanks for a good learning experience!

Feedback from the Community:

Ian 👏 a High School Student
I didn't know anything about centipede's and this informed me a lot.
Delecia 👏 a High School Student
i really liked that you spoke about a specific animal.
Kristal 👏 a High School Student from Thomas. A Edison High School
This project was very informative about centipedes, I didn't know much about them. It is also organized and I liked how the coding was set up.
Michella 👏 a High School Student from Jamaica, Queens
I like how you made a problem that people didn't really know about, more appealing to the eye by making this quiz. This quiz can help people got by seeing how much insects are important within a lifetime.
👏 a High School Student from nyc
I love it