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“Butterflies App”

Creators: Jubaida
a High School Student from Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School
Butterflies App Work Jubaida M

About this Project:

You can catch butterflies on this app and win prizes. It is an app for when you are bored and want to see how it works so you download it. The prizes you collect are called flycoins and you can compare how many you won and how many your friends won.

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More About this Project

This link takes you to the slides which is where I made my project.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior Analyst, Digital Consumer Insights at Nickelodeon — Emoti-Con Judge
Awesome coding skills! With so much going on in the world sometimes people just need a fun mindless game like this! I wonder if you could add more reasons to keep people coming back like a friend competition version, a way to keep and beat your high score or the points being used to earn prizes. Keep up the good work!

👏 BFA Integrated Design Student at Parsons School of Design Senior — Emoti-Con Judge
How fun is this! I love butterflies and totally could see myself downloading this. I feel like the game is meditative in a way. I wonder what prizes you are able to win or redeem with your fly coins? Also, it would be cool to play with levels! Perhaps you could change something to make it harder each time you level up. I'd love to compete with my friends! Love that your deck is super clean and easy to follow through.

👏 Program Manager at Code Nation — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work on this project! I love the idea of very low stakes competition with your fiends! I love the idea of comparing points with each other and playing whenever there is a short minute to just claim some more Flycoins! Great work on the fun and casual design!

I think the game would definitely benefit from Something fun that can personalize the experience for the different players! Perhaps an avatar or maybe some information regarding Butterflies! This game seems like a great way to calmly experience some fun easy passtime!

Great work!

Feedback from the Community:

Ian 👏 a High School Student
It looks like a random app you would have on your phone that you can play to pass the time, I really like the idea.
Kristal 👏 a High School Student from Thomas. A Edison High School
I really like your idea for the app, it seems really cool. It is a good idea and organized.