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β€œApp Projects by Raima”

Creators: Raima
a High School Student from CS4ALL NYC
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About this Project:

This is an app base to help other's communicate with one another through quarantine.

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Community Feedback:

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Feedback from the Judges:

πŸ‘ Program Coordinator at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the pixelated art! The selecting character screen made me thought it was a game instead of an app at first, but being able to call/message/hang out with friends at various virtual places certainly makes an introvert feel comfortable.

Since the app doesn't really require any personal information, login, etc from the user, I felt your project presented a new way of making new friends via the internet. Of course there are going to be more things such as privacy and security that needs to be taken into consideration for your future iterations, but I think having a virtual avatar to talk in this virtual space is a great idea for when we just need a chatting buddy randomly!

πŸ‘ Marketing Manager, Scaled Programs at Google for Education — Emoti-Con Judge
The pixilated art was definitely eye-catching! Considering the long periods of isolation many people went through during the covid-19 crisis, this is a thoughtful idea! Since the goal of this app is to be a fun virtual social space, it might be helpful to re-image this as a game, or incorporate more game-like elements. This way, you might provide a purpose for the avatars, and provide a shared sense of community (a la Fortnite).

πŸ‘ Curriculum Manager at AI4ALL — Emoti-Con Judge
I have been missing doing things like hanging out at the mall with friends; it's neat to see an app that feels like that. I like how it combines possible things to talk about like news and such with places to hang out and talk about it. I'd love to see more diverse and/or customizable options for people in future iterations.

πŸ‘ Senior Director of Program Management at Mouse — Emoti-Con Judge
I really loved how you focused on the major issue of missed connections and how it affects people during the COVID-19 crisis. I wonder if future iterations could create an inclusive app that supports youth and other populations that have been isolated during the pandemic, like the elderly and immunocompromised people. Your solution to create an app that creates space for people to make new friends and reconnect with old ones is really creative.