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“Trash to Treasure”

Creators: Fawzia, Mayesha, Salwa and Ahilya
Middle School Students from J.H.S. 217 Robert A. Van Wyck
Type of Project:
  • Game Design,
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Entertainment,
  • Environment/Sustainability
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About this Project:

Our project aims to address the challenges of proper recycling education and promoting social interaction through fun activities. By teaching people how to recycle effectively, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Additionally, creating engaging and enjoyable experiences will encourage individuals to connect with others and build relationships within the community.

Our idea was made out of an issue we observed in our school - students not recycling properly. In response, we created an app with the initial goal of encouraging people to recycle by rewarding them with points for each item recycled. As we continued to develop our app, we introduced new features such as a community chat section, a fun game, and we even gave users the ability to personalize their own avatars.

Our project would work if we could have built it by first we download the app and then we sign up or log in. If you’ve already made an account you log in, if not then you sign up. After that process, you can now create a profile banner (background along with your profile), you can also friend others and chat with them using the chat box. There will be multiple options at the bottom like “Home”, “notifications” “game”. CLicking on home will let you see the recent posts and comment on them, you can even like them etc! Clicking on the game option leads people to our game “Trashy Treasures: The Game”

Project Media


More About this Project

The links provided brings you to our app’s wireframe, and how some of the pages may look like. The third link is our app’s Zine. However, the very, very first link provided is more about our app, and what it is.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior Product Manager at SiriusXM — Emoti-Con Judge
The idea to make a game out of a social good (recycling) is a strong one! Great concept. I think the game could have used a bit more explanation, but overall I understood the general goal of the application. The sign-up page follows principles of good design and is a good starting point for the app!

👏 VP, Brand & Creative Services at PubMatic — Emoti-Con Judge
Gamifying recycling is a good idea. The game part still needs to be more fleshed out, but it is a great project for social good. Good presentation, nice name (TTT), nicely designed. It has potential to market — think sponsorship from socially-conscious brands to actually turn that points into dollars/credits.

👏 Digital Strategy Specialist at HP Inc. — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, Team!
Congratulations for presenting this project and the extraordinary work you have done. You should be proud of the learning and growth you've achieved through this experience. The environment and society will thank you for addressing a global social problem using your app and through community interaction. 💚👏🏼📲
Learning through gamification has more impact on your generations, I encourage you to continue designing and developing a prototype of your game and test it with real users to get feedback and new ideas for future development.
Your project is well structured and the design follows market standards. Well done! Your VIRTUAL PETS are super original and fun...they are so cute and they help hook users! I recommend you continue ideating giving more protagonist to the Pets, this concept surprises!. ✌😉
To further explore this important sustainability topic and grow your digital solution and feedback from the potential users, I would recommend that you create a pitch video which is a powerful tool to promote and market your idea. For reference, you can consider the following pitch structure:
1. The Hook (10 seconds)
2. Introduce the Problem (30 seconds)
3. Problem In-depth (1 minute)
4. Your Technology (1 minute)
5. Feedback and Future (1 minute)
6. Wrap-up (30 seconds).
Keep up the excellent work and continue shaping the GREEN future/present! Your creativity and drive are inspiring to your colleagues and community! Congrats!🏆💻📲💚

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