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“Trash Tackler”

Creators: Jerelyn, Grace, Neelam
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison CTE HS
Type of Project:
  • Coding
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools
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About this Project:

Our project addresses the issue of “Stronger and Greener Communities”. We hope to change the “don’t care” attitude most kids have and inspire them to partake in actions that help our planet (ex. Picking up trash, recycling,etc.) Trash Tacklers was inspired by Roblox Simulator games, where you collect items on the floor in order to win or level up.We came up with the idea through brainstorming about games we liked as kids.Our game has evolved the original idea of a tycoon by making it more simple, but also exhilarating because of the timing element we implemented. Our project consists of a single character who goes around the screen and collects pieces of trash.

Project Media


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More About this Project

This app show people to pick up trash and make it clean for the community

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Strategy Director at Siegel+Gale — Emoti-Con Judge
This is an important issue and you've done a nice job setting up the problem and why it's important for our communities to solve. Creating a game is a fun way to get users engaged, but could there also be a link to real world solutions? I'd like to see more about how the game will inspire people to clean up in the real world too. Nice job.

👏 Product Operations Engineer at Dell — Emoti-Con Judge
Making our communities greener by "Tackling Trash" is a fun way to inspire people of all ages to pick up trash. Would love to see how this project can inspire in the real world as it further develops.

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