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“The 24-Hour HealthCare Assistant”

Creators: Fanikia, Elijah, and Pedimix
High School Students from Academy For Conservation And The Environment
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About this Project:

Hello, I am Fanikia. I worked with Elijah and Pedimix who are not here today. Introducing the 24 Hour Healthcare Assistant – a revolutionary app designed to empower individuals in need of continuous care or striving for independence with unparalleled support right at their fingertips.

Imagine a world where accessing personalized care preferences is as easy as a tap on your smartphone. Our app seamlessly integrates customizable care options tailored to individual needs, ensuring every user receives the assistance they require, precisely when they need it.

Privacy and autonomy are paramount, which is why we prioritize user control over their medical information. With our advanced privacy settings, users dictate who can access their sensitive data, granting peace of mind in an era of heightened data security concerns.

But that's not all. Our app fosters a sense of community and connectivity through its innovative chat feature. Users, caregivers, friends, and family members can engage in real-time conversations, providing support, sharing insights, and even consulting with medical professionals – all within a single platform.

And for families, our family portal is a game-changer. Stay informed about appointments, coordinate pickups, and lend a helping hand with ease, thanks to our intuitive interface designed to streamline caregiving responsibilities.

With the 24 Hour Healthcare Assistant, we're not just building an app – we're revolutionizing the way people experience care. Join us in shaping a future where independence is supported, connections are strengthened, and healthcare is truly personalized.

Slide 1 and 2 is the login and about page
Slide 3 is who the user has given access to see the user’s information on the app
Slide 4 are Care Preferences Customization:
Slide 5 integrated chat or video chat with friends, family and/or health care providers
Slide 6 includes a calendar where tasks can be assigned to specific caregivers or family members and track their completion status. Also, family, friends and doctors could help keep track of user
Slide 7 and 8 track share user vitals and emergency notifications
Slide 8 is the payment Payment Portal

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Founder / Educator at AusomeTech — Emoti-Con Judge
You all have thought of everything – Integration with health monitoring devices – meal selection/prep – real time advice with medical professionals and sharing with friends/family. If this app doesn’t already exist – PLEASE release it!! I would practice a bit more on the verbal pitch or video. This is a fantastic and much needed concept and I would have used this with my own family members. Great Work!!

👏 UX Project Manager at Brilliant Muse — Emoti-Con Judge
This app has the potential to be truly transformative! Empowering individuals with continuous care needs and fostering independence is a powerful vision. I love how you outlined the specific information accessible through the app – it demonstrates a clear understanding of user needs. Seeing the completed video pitch would be inspiring, and understanding your personal motivation behind this project – the "why" – would add even more depth. Keep innovating – this could significantly improve lives!

👏 Software Engineer at Amazon — Emoti-Con Judge
Amazing work team! This could really change how people currently experiencing personal care. Great thought process and detail-oriented design. I think adding more verbal pitch and video to explain how this work would be helpful! Looking forward to seeing you make this solution into reality!

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