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Creators: Jacob, Angel, Abraham, Shamaryon
Middle School Students from I.S. 27 Anning S. Prall
Type of Project:
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About this Project:

Our app solves the problem of kids being bored while doing chores and not fun.

The reason we made this app is because our team members are bored of doing chores while it not even fun.

Our app is SCAJA

Our app lets kids have fun while doing chores. There is a reward system for doing the chores for having fun. Also you can compete with friend like points, or money.

SCAJA First was a chores app with games until we added leaderboards and reward systems.
We used Figma and Computers.

It’s going to help kids not be bored when doing chores.

Our app will help kids have fun while doing chores and also help parents not tell their kids every second to do the same chores.I hope our app will help parents and kids.

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Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Program Manager at Esports Trade Association — Emoti-Con Judge
It is a great idea! I'm sure many parents would love to have a tool like this. I would like to see more details.

👏 Supply Chain Advisor at Dell — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the idea and it is a really innovative solution to help kids feel more motivated to do their chores! I would have loved to hear y'all's reason's for coming up with this solution and what benefits it has for the parents too! I would also suggest refining the slides in the future so they tell the story of how you came up wiht your project and what the project will do even without anyone speaking to them.

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