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“Run with nature”

Creators: Nabila
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison CTE HS
Type of Project:
  • Coding,
  • Game Design,
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Entertainment,
  • Resource Sharing
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About this Project:

They learn about the theme Recycle the runway by making them learn about the harmful and negative sides to what certain materials like fiber do to the environment and why it is ultimately better to know what companies are sustainable rather than being completely indifferent. At the end there is a page where there is information about ethical fashion and why it is important which I think everyone should read for extra knowledge about this game. My goal is for players to know how to thrift and buy certain safe clothes that won't end up in the landfills anymore. My biggest dream is to be a fashion stylist, it has been a passion of mine since I was 10. I was obsessed with styling what people wore by themes, colors and more because clothes are the biggest way I show my personality. Even now, I wear bright clothes to share my feelings and personality. A few years ago, I learned about how certain big companies would make their clothes and how harmful it was to the environment. I learned where clothes ended up in after a few years of use, and will not be reused because no one donated it. It would work like a normal mobile game, with a starting screen; instruction pages; settings; customization/profile; shop; and the actual levels. We plan to achieve this by using JavaScript.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Strategy Director at Siegel+Gale — Emoti-Con Judge
I really like how you took something you are passionate about and wove it into your idea. Including your personal story is very compelling and something that we often do as designers. Your pitch was also very informative and well crafted, explaining why this issue is so important. Your game includes great information about the importance of sustainable fashion. Could it also include resources so that users could do this more in the real world? For example, could it include sewing patterns for repurposing old clothes or locations to thrift stores? There is a lot of potential. Good job.

👏 Data Administrator at CS4All — Emoti-Con Judge
I liked the relaxing music and the concept behind the project. Continue to build it out, fix bugs, and watch users playing your game to see how you can improve upon it!

👏 Principal at The General Partnership — Emoti-Con Judge
It is refreshing to see you thinking about a topic I am certain the vast majority of Americans do not spend much time thinking about: sustainable fashion. Your personal relationship with fashion was enlightening; much like the age-old advice to writers to "write about something they know", I always advice entrepreneurs to build something they are passionate about.

To continue to advance your idea as a game, I would consider how you keep people engaged once they play through. Maybe you will find concepts you can adapt into other types of fashion tools, like tracking clothing purchases. Thank you for sharing.

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