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“Ocean Life”

Creators: Jasmin, Adil, Jose, David
High School Students from High School for Environmental Studies
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Environment/Sustainability
Ocean Life

About this Project:

Our App addresses the issue of plastic in our oceans. We wanted to make people more aware of the issue of ocean pollution. People don’t talk about this issue on social media, so we wanted to bring attention to it. We researched social media platforms and looked into what makes them successful. We took inspiration from some of those Apps and incorporated elements into our App. Users can connect with businesses that address the issue of pollution in the ocean and find out ways to help. They can watch short videos about ocean pollution to learn about reducing waste and cleaning the oceans.

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior Analyst, Supply Chain at Dell — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi team, great work on your ocean life project! I particularly loved seeing your storyboard template and steps taken in designing the app. This reminds me of flow chart analysis and process improvement work in my day-to-day job. A recommendation I have would be including links to resources (people, places, websites) that are actively working to mitigare pollution issues. Best of luck with the rest of this process.

👏 Technical Program Manager at Amazon — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the way you clearly laid out the problem and how your app will help spread awareness about ocean pollution! The app looks engaging and easy to use (love the "shore-ts" :D). You mentioned that it can feel like you can't make a difference on your own -- it might be cool to share some aggregated stats across all Ocean Life users who are connecting with businesses to fight ocean pollution (e.g. XX miles of beach cleared, XX tons of plastic removed from the ocean, etc.). This could really show the power of collective effort!

👏 Documentation Engineer at Meta — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi team. I love the thinking that went into this project and your process. Ocean pollution is an urgent issue, so I'm glad that you decided to tackle this problem. Your mock-ups really helped me visualize the app's functionality and user journey. Visualization skills are highly valued in the work that I do. Have you considered adding a reward feature in the app--for example, points that can be redeemed for people who organize ocean clean-up activities? Something like this can really help to motivate people to get involved. Well done on this project!

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