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“Mood Appeal”

Creators: Tesheni, Brianna, Careshma, Angie, and Skyleen
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison CTE HS
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Food Justice,
  • Mental Health,
  • Physical Health
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About this Project:

The issue that our project addresses is how young adults such as high school/college students can undergo many life occurrences that impact them. As students and young adults who have busy lives, unexpected circumstances, and diverse relationships with food, we tend to neglect our well being. Lots of people feel different emotions all at once due to toppling schedules, classes, mental/physical issues, jobs, etc. Additionally, our project addresses that food is a vital source that is essential for our well being. This specifically tends to be overlooked when people are under pressure, taking away the time we all need to take care of ourselves. Moreover, our design process started with a rough sketch of what we want in our app, such as using a pencil tool. We took valuable time and effort to figure out how we wanted the design to be presented as. For example, two of our group members made the outline as the first run down. They used the color in the first few pages and a Time Roman font. However, as we all grouped together and reviewed the rough draft of the first design we noticed that we needed softer, pastel colors that relate to ‘the comfortability’ that we want our users to feel. Furthermore, we first used dark blue and gray undertones, however we elevated the color scheme in order to let the audience feel more at ease with their food journey. As a result we used soft pastel colors such as pastel blue, oranges, purple, pink, and mint green. Our project can be created by a prototype that represents our app. With research, interviewing, and getting to know more in depth with our audience, our project idea would be created in the form of an app. There would be multiple features such as the notebook, the scanner, schedule, maps, and a mood picker. The notebook helps you keep track of your progress and your feelings throughout their journey. With the mood picker it is beneficial for the user because it can provide different food recommendations depending on your mood. If none of the food recommendations are fitting from the user, they can use the scanner to scan what they want to eat. After scanning it will show the percentages, such as the pros and cons of the food item, and whether it will positively/negatively impact your mood. Again, after scanning, food options can be recommended with nearby grocery stores. Moreover, since many of us have different lifestyles the schedule can create a way for the user to put in their own schedule, so reminders can be provided to the user whenever they need to.

Project Media


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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 VP, Brand & Creative Services at PubMatic — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job in identifying the needs to connect food with mood, and alleviate the stressful lives of students. Very thorough pitch with critical thinking (considering color-blindness, for example) and well-executed and nicely designed wireframes. I would suggest adding resources for nutritionist as well as therapist if the app (hopefully with AI) recognized the lack of nutritious selections or continuous/worsening bad/sad mood. This could be life-saving for the user. Overall, well done!

👏 Principal at The General Partnership — Emoti-Con Judge
You've done an outstanding job thinking through the product: from the different personas that could use it, to how a user first interact with it, to the exact paths through the app! It's one thing to come up with an idea, but these tasks—which are familiar to me in the world of building apps—represent a lot of "digging in" you have to do to make something a reality.

I loved how you thought about next steps, too, like using AI to detect mood. It was also great to see how you thought of your own roles as a team. In the startup world, folks often find they're hired with one specific title or role in mind, but end up having to do a little bit of everything.

This was really fun, thanks for sharing it!

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a High School Student from Thomas A Edison
This is so helpful for better tracking diets !!!
Antonella 👏 a High School Student
Design is so cute, and this can be so helpful when tracking your meals.

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