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“Mission Complete”

Creators: Syeda
High School Students from Thomas A. Edison CTE HS
Type of Project:
  • Coding,
  • Game Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Entertainment,
  • Environment/Sustainability,
  • Public Safety
Screenshot 2024 05 08 110252

About this Project:

My project addresses the issues of air pollution. I decided I want to create a storyline of a special scientist on a journey of missions to stabilize air pollution in many areas. I was able to evolve this as I drew out every phase of my imaginations and planning mood boards and style guides. My project is created with Code.org and it is a simple interactive game.

Project Media


Screenshot 2024 05 08 112554
Screenshot 2024 05 08 112617
Screenshot 2024 05 08 112632


More About this Project

As you can see, there is a start button and tutorial button, you may click to see those. After starting, you can click need help? to pause the game or view instructions or exit game to stop the game. Enjoy!

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Software Engineer at AWS — Emoti-Con Judge
Nice work creating a working solution! This is a fun way to bring attention to a very important problem facing our world -- pollution.

Are there ways you could expand on the project to make it more informative to the player? For example, you could share facts about climate change and pollution that would make the player want to take action, or you should share ways that the player could already take action on the issue. Great work, and keep building!

👏 Lead Immersive Designer/ Content Lead at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Great project topic! Air pollution is such an important global issue that impacts our greater health - yet we don’t think about it as much as we should. I love how much thought you have added to the mood board and color scheme. Consider how you can get the player to act on this issue in real life and how they can create community as well.

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