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“Justice 4 ALL”

Creators: Ayaan, Naomi
Middle School Students from Dock Street School for STEAM Studies
Type of Project:
  • Other
Themes of Project:
  • Social Justice,
  • Other
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About this Project:

Imagine a digital sanctuary where every click echoes with the resonance of freedom's call—a place where compassion meets action, and individuals stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight for liberty. This is the essence of our app, a beacon of hope in a world where the struggle for freedom persists. Here, users aren't just spectators; they're participants, catalysts of change. Through seamless donation channels, they contribute vital resources to those on the frontlines, providing the fuel needed to sustain the fight against oppression. Whether it's supporting grassroots movements, aiding activists, or assisting marginalized communities, every donation is a lifeline, a tangible symbol of solidarity with those who yearn to be free.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Mouse Board Member at Self-Employed — Emoti-Con Judge
The project description was exceptionally well-written and conveys a deep interest and passion for the subject at hand. The term "digital sanctuary" is really intriguing, and helps reinforce the idea that technology should ultimately be a force for good and one that brings us together and fosters equality. Projects that remind us why this technology exists in the first place is incredibly important, thank you for shedding a light on it!

The creative direction/branding is also really nicely done!

I'd love to see more of:
- Style guide/brand details since so much thought clearly went in!
- How you hope to help users fight for freedom. This does a great job at illuminating a cause and getting users like Taylor interested, but I think explaining what fighting for freedom looks like would really make a big difference. Do you hope to create resources for students, ways to connect with likeminded poeple, or another action?
It's important to get users to align with you, but also to give them clear action/direction for how to do something you want, like fight for Justice!

Amazing project and mission. Please continue to work on this!

👏 Innovation Designer at IBM — Emoti-Con Judge
Wonderful concept! This is a powerful and tangible idea with real potential for impact. Your project description is incredibly well written and demonstrates clear storytelling. It’s simultaneously a call to action while describing your goal for the solution. The complementary visuals are strong and aid in the storytelling as well. I’d love to see further exploration/definition on what a donation might look like - is it purely monetary, time-based, etc... Please continue exploring this path and I’m excited for the future of this project!

👏 Senior Software Engineer at Catch — Emoti-Con Judge
Great job on your presentation! Your goals were clear and the visuals were great. I really enjoyed hearing about your user research.

I would love to hear more about what functionality you envision for your app. Would donations go to individuals or organizations? Could users also volunteer their time? Your description left me wanting more which is a good thing!

Feedback from the Community:

Zoey 👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn
Hey, I love your project! It’s very pretty and creative. I would love to see more 👍

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