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“Immigration Rights”

Creators: Donnel
High School Students from High School for Youth and Community Development at Erasmus
Type of Project:
  • Data Projects
Themes of Project:
  • Immigration
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About this Project:

From when I started this I didn’t know anything about immigrant rights now I know a little bit more then before like how they are treated unfairly in the workplace

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Data Administrator at CS4All — Emoti-Con Judge
The topic for your project is really important and will benefit from you doing more research on it. Use your skills to build a prototype, even if you have to draw it, so that others can see how you plan on solving the problem.

👏 Director of Student Engagement at CS4All — Emoti-Con Judge
Interesting topic, I would love to see more research on this. Good jumping off point and kudos to you doing this solo

👏 UX/UI Designer at Irene Geller Design — Emoti-Con Judge
Donnel, I’m sorry you didn’t have at least a few more students to work together with! Working alone is really hard - it can happen more often than you would think in the professional world! I am glad you got a chance to explore a new topic for you, though - that’s awesome! This is definitely a complicated topic and there is a LOT to learn about. Take your time, and know that learning even a little bit more today than yesterday can add up to a lot of knowledge down the road.

It would be interesting to find out how other people have used technology to help with the problem of migrant abuse and the challenges immigrants face. What specific problems do they try to solve, even when the law isn’t always supportive? Is it housing? Transportation? Educational opportunities, like learning a new language? Finding jobs? Reuniting families? Even if you don’t end up creating something specifically for this problem (which is totally okay), you can start to see how people pick specific problems to help with, and what steps they take to design a solution.

I tried to find a resource to get you started. Here’s a great article from 2022 with exactly what I was talking about - several examples of people choosing one specific problem that they try to solve. Take a look :) https://techfugees.com/all_news/here-are-9-of-the-most-innovative-new-projects-using-tech-to-help-refugees-and-ngos/

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