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“Holo Ana”

Creators: Alexandra, Leila, Faizaah, Vanessa, Edie
High School Students from New Dorp High School
Type of Project:
  • AI & Machine Learning,
  • Data Projects,
  • Multimedia
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Digital Citizenship,
  • Other
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About this Project:

Our project revolves around helping our community with having a more improved travel experience. This app aims to relieve stress, improve efficiency, and provide a simpler manner in traveling to benefit your overall experience. We developed this project because we are fellow travelers that have experienced the stress from booking a trip, being at the airport, and being unaware of what to do when landing.

Project Media


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More About this Project

Our slideshow provides knowledge to the users regarding our app and what we did differently to ensure Holo Ana is in our users best interests.

With Holo Ana the user will be able to book their flights, stay, and activities to do each day to guarantee the traveler will fulfill their travel goals.

The rewards system motivates our user to be inclined to use our app again. Our ai generated scrapbooks captures the travelers beautiful memories made on their trip.

Our video provides a run through of our app and the link allows for you to gain a deeper understanding of how we will cater to the needs of our users.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Experience Mgt- Sr Mgr at Customer Experience Transformation — Emoti-Con Judge
Amazing work taking the time to research all of the different travel options that exist and thinking of additional features that can set your app apart. My favorite part is the photobook that the app can create for you. You clearly thought about the customer experience and all of the elements that people would want their app to contain. Your presentation was clear and easy to understand including your visuals and talk track. I applaud you all for confidently presenting in front of a large group of people! I definitely hope that I get to use this app in the future.

👏 Head of Transitions at Alliance Global Partners — Emoti-Con Judge
Fantastic job you guys! As a fellow traveler myself, I really appreciate how you decided to incorporate every aspect of traveling into your single app design. Using different features to prompt the app to create a “memories” option is such a cool idea that it makes me kinda upset we don’t have something as put together as this yet. I also love the making friends attribute as well however, something to consider, is the safety of this component. Maybe in the future you can potentially come up with a way to weed out dangerous people. Overall, excellent job

Feedback from the Community:

Vendra 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator
I really liked your idea to have one app that can make my travel experiences enjoyable and memorable!

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