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Creators: Julian, Tafhim
Middle School Students from Liberty Avenue Middle School
Type of Project:
  • AI & Machine Learning,
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Community Advocacy,
  • Environment/Sustainability

About this Project:

We want more people to practice better habits when it comes to taking care of our environment. If people don't practice awareness or dont become knowledgable about their actions, they risk our planet's future. With that being said my team wanted to tackle climate change. It was a very broad topic that was difficult to break down.

Our design is an app that its main attraction is an intelligent AI named Marco that can give you the tips and actions people need to help reduce climate change and keep earth healthy

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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior Offensive Security Engineer at Microsoft — Emoti-Con Judge
This is some great work, and I hope you all learnt developing mobile apps and interacting with AI models.

From the presentation, I would want your team to also include optimistic things which technology can solve. "Reduce & Recycle" is a great start at a personal level, but at a global scale, its more complex. This article is a good read - https://every.to/p/the-hole-in-the-sky-that-we-actually-fixed

I would also want you to include links to some good books tackling the problems of climate change (and encourage you to read it too!): Bill Gates’s How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Saul Griffith’s Electrify, and Gretchen Bakke’s The Grid—all books focused on honestly assessing where we stand in combating our warming climate, pointing at the technologies ready for deployment, pending research breakthroughs, and those we need to move on from.

👏 Principal at Minds On Design Lab — Emoti-Con Judge
Team, congrats on this project work and thanks for sharing it with us all. The core of your idea is intriguing. Thinking about AI and natural language models where you can chat to get information is a very timely idea as well. You note wisely, that climate change is a very broad topic. If you were to work on this idea more, I'd be interested in learning more about how the app and your AI can address personalization. In your example you share "Ask AI What You Can Do To Help". Who is you here, really? If I am a kid living with my parents would the answer to this question be the same as if I am an adult who owns a home? Might be interested to explore how this cutting edge technology might meet your diverse app users' needs. Thinking about your user needs and how your solution addresses them is a key step in designing a product that will be well liked and used. Nice foundational thinking about using cutting edge technology to solve a growing problem.

👏 Principal at The General Partnership — Emoti-Con Judge
I am delighted you picked such an important issue to build around. While computer engineers have been building things like spreadsheets and games for many decades, we are just getting started in understanding how to address and incentivize climate action—pat yourself on the back for choosing a problem that is difficult, but urgent!

Your app starts with a login screen and a terms of service. One thing we think about when building apps is "reducing friction": how can we make it easier for people to use the app, without having to do much (initial) work? So in your case, you could think about moving the login screen to later. You might even see this in apps and games you use: you're only prompted to sign up once the app knows you're interested.

Thanks for sharing!

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