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Creators: Faridat
High School Students from Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology
Type of Project:
  • Product Development,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools,
  • Know Your Rights,
  • Social Justice
Mouse Comp

About this Project:

My project addresses the issue of racial profiling in college admissions. EqualAdmit aims to help students apply to colleges void of racial profiling. My process for creating this project started with picking a topic. I decided to go with this topic because I'm at the stage where I'm actively preparing for college and I feel like I would rather be fairly admitted into college than be racially profiled. I then made a survey targeted to students and asked for their opinions on this topic and similar ones like affirmative action. Then I constructed a presentation sharing my data from the survey and introducing my app idea. After that, my last step was to begin making my app using the platform Figma.

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