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“EDA (Education Assist)”

Creators: Davina & Iqra
Middle School Students from J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles School
Type of Project:
  • AI & Machine Learning,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools,
  • Mental Health
Home Screen

About this Project:

Our project, EDA (Education and Development App), primarily focuses on the intertwined challenges of education and mental health. We aim to support individuals who struggle with motivation, time management, and accessing necessary educational and mental health resources. By addressing these barriers, EDA encourages users to pursue and continue their education.

The concept for EDA stemmed from observing our family members face difficulties in pursuing their education due to various personal challenges. Initially, our plan included a variety of features such as a comprehensive educational catalog, a calendar, AI tutor, motivational messages, and mental health support. Over time, we streamlined the app to focus more effectively on core needs: we transformed the calendar into a more manageable day planner, integrated the AI tutor with mental health guidance, and decided against the motivational messages to maintain a clear focus. Additionally, we moved the AI functionality outside the app for better interaction and added a help section along with an 'About Us' page to inform users about the app’s purpose and navigation.

Upon launching EDA, users are greeted by a welcoming home screen that provides navigation instructions. The interface is user-friendly, featuring three main buttons and two profile/settings buttons:

Planning: Opens the day planner where users can log daily activities and notes hour by hour.
AI Tutor: Links to an external AI tutor that assists with educational content and mental health support.
Mental Health: Directs users to a support area where they can engage with the AI tutor about their mental health concerns.
Help and About Us: Accessible via the EDA logo or a three-dot menu, this section explains the app's functionality and the team behind it. Each screen includes a home button, represented by an arrow at the top, allowing users to easily navigate back to the main menu."

Project Media


AI Tutor
Mental Health

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Senior Product Manager at CVS Health — Emoti-Con Judge
There are so many great things about this project! I love how you walk us through your refinement process, explaining your original scope and how you slimmed it down to address your core priorities. This type of prioritization to meet a deadline is something I do every day as a product manager! You also acknowledge what inspired your interest in this social issue, and that personal connection is really helpful when you're trying to overcome a challenge -- it certainly helps you stay committed. (At least that's why I'm still working in healthcare myself!)

It's really helpful how you explain the expected user experience, but it might give a better sense of the design if the explanation stays within your presentation, and the wireframes are representative of the design itself. I would encourage you to focus the wireframes on the functionality of the product. Your presentation does such a great job explaining the features already!

Really great job here!!

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