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Creators: Ema, Kendrick, Mohammad, Ryan, Sahar
Middle School Students from J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles School
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Immigration
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About this Project:

Today, we are going to be discussing a new way to fix xenophobia, otherwise known as discrimination against immigrants. This is terrible because immigrants have to deal with feeling like they do not fit in. To prove this we interviewed immigrants and they told us that one of the main problems they had with immigrating was that they didn’t understand the culture around them. In fact, if you met an immigrant that had come to the country recently they probably seem like they just don’t understand how to act. They might stare blankly at you, awkwardly. This may be because they don’t really know how to end the conversation or keep it going. This makes them feel like they aren’t welcomed even though everyone should feel welcomed.

The solution is our app, Conseils. With Conseils, immigrants can find tips in their native tongue. The app will first have a language selection with all languages so that the immigrant understands the tips. Then, the immigrant will be led to the next section with all the countries that have tips on them. Once they click their desired country, they will get all of the tips on how to act or fit in for that country. If they want, they can give feedback to certain tips to show how helpful they were. These tips will help our community get an understanding of the culture around them. With their understanding of the culture they can battle Xenophobia more easily. So, I hope you will give our app a chance.

Design Process
1. Interview potential users.
2. Summarize interviews, and define problem.
3. Storyboard desired effect of app.
4. Design wireframes.
5. Create style guide.
6. Use Google Slides to convert wireframes to mockups.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Technical Program Manager at Amazon — Emoti-Con Judge
Great work! I love the way you clearly explain the ways that xenophobia impacts immigrants and how your app can help. This is a really creative idea and I think people would want to use it. It's also awesome that you were able to think through a style guide for your mocks. One suggestion is it might be cool to crowd source some of the tips from folks in the community who are interested in helping immigrants. Maybe even people who have previously immigrated would be interested in helping based on their experience!

👏 Associate Director - Systems Analysis: AI Contact technologies at Verizon — Emoti-Con Judge
This is an amazing idea addressing a real-world issue! I love the thought process and making it accessible in various languages. This truly is something that I think would be useful for immigrants and helping them get acclimated to their new home. Have you considered voting on tips? Gather information from immigrants who have been here a while and then have the users upvote or downvote how helpful the tip was? Highlighting the best information and new information is a great way to keep people engaged.

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