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“Arrive Assist”

Creators: Saadullah & Julius
Middle School Students from J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles School
Type of Project:
  • Social Media,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Other
Themes of Project:
  • Immigration,
  • Know Your Rights,
  • Public Safety
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About this Project:

Our issue is people immigrating to the U.S. and not knowing anything... Or being an immigrant for the first time.

We came up with out idea with many other inspirations. We wanted the people to have the freedom to customize their app and we wanted them to have specific settings and options for them.

Our project works like you create your own account and you will get tips and tricks special to you. We will use AI for this.

Project Media


I Phone 14 15 Pro 1
I Phone 14 15 Pro 3
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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 VP, Brand & Creative Services at PubMatic — Emoti-Con Judge
Good job in thinking through the many aspects faced by newly arrived immigrants. It would be great to have a "family/group" setting so people can share resources among family members / friends.

👏 Software Engineering Tech Lead at Google — Emoti-Con Judge
I like that you're taking on a problem that may be faced by a lot of new immigrants in your community. If you haven't already, I would encourage you to do a lot of research by talking to recent immigrants and asking them about the things that were most confusing and most surprising to them when coming to the US. There are probably a lot of basic "how do I?" things that are different from the culture they are coming from, such as how to get a driver's license and pay taxes, or customs about holidays, gift giving, tipping, and all of those sorts of things. There are good general apps for things like maps and language translation. One thing your app could do would be to give recommendations for the best of those to use. Otherwise, try to focus on unmet needs that are specific to your target users, so that your app can have the biggest possible impact relative to the cost of development.

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