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“Animal Shelter”

Creators: JeisAura, Said, Ryan, Christopher
Middle School Students from I.S. 206 Ann Mersereau
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Animal Rights
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About this Project:

Animal Shelter App: Bridging the Gap Between Shelters and Adopters
My project addresses the challenge of connecting dogs in shelters with loving homes. Many shelters are overcrowded, making it difficult for potential adopters to find the right dog and for shelters to manage their resources effectively.
My design process started with the need I saw in my community. We have many wonderful dogs in shelters waiting for homes, and I wanted to create a tool that simplifies the adoption process. My idea evolved from a basic informational website to a fully interactive app:
Initial Concept: A website displaying dogs available for adoption, their pictures, and basic information.
User Feedback: Talking to shelter workers, I realized the need for a more streamlined experience for both shelters and adopters.
App Development: I envisioned an app where users could:
Sign up/Log in: Creating profiles allowing for personalized adoption matches.
Browse Dogs: Filter by breed, age, temperament, etc. for tailored searches.
Learn About Dogs: Detailed profiles highlight each dog's personality and needs.
Direct Contact: Simplified communication between adopters and shelters.
How the App Would Work:
Shelter Integration: Shelters can easily upload information and pictures of their dogs.
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation makes finding and learning about dogs easy.
Matching System: Algorithms match potential adopters with compatible dogs based on their preferences.
Direct Messaging: The app facilitates direct communication between shelters and interested adopters.
Adoption Tracking: Shelters can update dog availability and track successful adoptions.
By streamlining communication and information sharing, this app would ease the burden on shelters, increase adoption rates, and ultimately, help more dogs find their forever homes.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
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Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager at Microsoft — Emoti-Con Judge
Hi, JeisAura, Said, Ryan, Christopher! Pet adoption can be such a challenging process, and I think that it's great that you all tackled this topic. I love how you thought through multiple steps and actions that a person can take in your user experience design. If you think about growing this project, I wonder how you can keep adding additional details in your process so that people have all the information they need before they are matched with a pet. For instance, could a person see the age of the animal they want to adopt or if they are good with other pets to make sure that it's the right fit for their family? I applaud your work on this project, and can't wait to hear more about where this project goes!

👏 Software Consultant at ArcherPoint — Emoti-Con Judge
This project is inspiring! There is definitely a need for an app like this that could possibly be marketed to humane societies and animal shelters anywhere. I appreciate how you try to match potential adopters to animals they are interested in. I think a great add-on would be to add a link to an adoption application, as I know some organizations require more background information about potential/interested adopters - such as the number of animals in the home, children, home life, etc. I am impressed that you reached out to shelters and asked for their input and suggestions. I would definitely use this app as a potential adopter! It is clear that you did you research and put your hearts into this project. Great job!

👏 Education Evangelist at Adobe — Emoti-Con Judge
This will help so many dogs that deserve love and a good home! I love the idea of an app serving as a connection between overwhelmed shelters and the average household who might be intimidated by the animal adoption process. As we continue to develop the app lets make sure that the right organizations are consulted and involved on the backend of this app. They can help to make sure that every necessary step is taken while going through the adoption process.

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