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“Trash to Fuel”

Creators: Aaron, Amir, Kevin
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ Academy of Innovative Technology
Type of Project:
  • Game Design,
  • Multimedia
Themes of Project:
  • Environment/Sustainability
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About this Project:

Trash to Fuel was made to spread awareness of new alternative fuel sources. We wanted to inform people about ways to reduce trash, like plastic in our environment in the form of a fun and interactive game.

We decided on developing a game because the interactiveness of video games makes learning fun for the gamer. In the game, the player controls a car that uses trash as fuel to show how fuel made from plastics could be used. As the player collects the trash on the road, the car speeds up. Also as they remove the waste from the road, the players receive some information in the game that teaches them about best practices for conservation.

Project Media


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More About this Project

We have a playable prototype that can be presented at the contest. The prototype was built using the GameMaker engine.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Director, Technical Account Management at Salesforce — Emoti-Con Judge
Your pitch for Trash to Fuel sounds fantastic! It's an innovative and engaging way to spread awareness about alternative fuel sources and the importance of reducing trash, particularly plastic waste, in our environment.

The decision to develop a game is an excellent choice. By leveraging the interactivity and enjoyment of video games, you have created an opportunity to make learning about these topics fun and engaging for players. The concept of controlling a car that uses trash as fuel effectively demonstrates how fuel made from plastics can be utilized. This interactive element allows players to directly experience the benefits of recycling and waste reduction.

The mechanic of collecting trash on the road to speed up the car adds an exciting gameplay element. It provides a tangible and rewarding experience for players as they actively contribute to the game's progress. Additionally, integrating educational information within the game, such as best practices for conservation, further enhances the project's educational value. By incorporating these informative tidbits, players can acquire knowledge and develop an understanding of how their actions contribute to environmental sustainability.

To further strengthen your pitch, consider expanding on how the game will be designed to ensure it remains enjoyable and engaging throughout. Are there different levels or challenges that players will encounter? Will there be any upgrades or rewards for achieving certain milestones? By providing more details about the gameplay mechanics and progression, you can highlight the entertainment value of the game while still delivering an educational message.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to include information on how you plan to distribute and promote the game to reach a wide audience. Will it be available on specific platforms or devices? Are there plans to collaborate with environmental organizations or educational institutions to maximize its impact? Clarifying these aspects will demonstrate the potential reach and influence of your project.

Overall, your pitch for Trash to Fuel showcases an innovative and interactive approach to raising awareness about alternative fuel sources and waste reduction. By combining fun gameplay with educational information, you have the opportunity to create an engaging experience that can inspire players to take action in their own lives. Good luck with the development and dissemination of your game!

👏 Associate Professor at Lehman College / CUNY — Emoti-Con Judge
Great idea to help clean up the city. Two things to think about:
1.Burning trash would create more / worse pollution thus a more sustainable way to turn non-organic trash into fuel is necessary
2. How could you better incentivize picking up trash - maybe the more trash someone picks up, they earn points which they can use towards free gas?

👏 Sr Community Manager at CareerVillage.org — Emoti-Con Judge
I love your passion for the environment and it really shines through in this project! From your inspiration slides, I can see that you took the time to research.

I would like for you to further think about how you can make the game more engaging so that people come back to play. As you know, this is a very innovative space and new news comes out all the time. Users should be able to learn that information and grow with the industry. It would be a good idea to consider how you will make updates to the game and what that can look like

👏 IT Infrastructure Support at ArcherPoint — Emoti-Con Judge
Your game showcasing the potential of turning plastic into fuel is a great way to educate users about alternative energy sources.

I would have loved to see more about how the fuel is generated or how the wind turbine feature works to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, consider explaining how the game will spread awareness about energy usage beyond the in-game facts, such as social media or educational resources.

Overall your game has the potential to inspire greater use of sustainable energy solutions. Keep up the excellent work!

Feedback from the Community:

Emily 👏 a High School Student from Queens
I like how it is a great idea for the environment. There is a lot of information and this could be a great idea for the word.

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