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Creators: Nicole, Margaret, and Lawrence
High School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ New Dorp High School
Type of Project:
  • Multimedia,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Visual Art & Design
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools,
  • Physical Health,
  • Public Safety
Sun safe 1

About this Project:

Sun-Safe is an app that aims to decrease the misinformation surrounding skin cancer, especially in Staten Island where melanoma (the most fatal form of skin cancer) has the highest rates. To decrease these high rates, our app provides users with free resources, such as free sunscreen funded by Health Research, Inc. and New York State.

Initially, our idea was inspired by one of our group member’s work in creating assemblies at high schools in Staten Island. When our members organized these assemblies with approximately 1,000 students in attendance, she sent out a survey on how the students felt about their knowledge of skin safety before and after the presentation, and the results showed a significant increase in knowledge after the assembly. Thus, these results supported our hypothesis that a large contributing factor to high rates of melanoma is misinformation. Now, 1,000 people may seem like a lot, but that is only a small fraction of Staten Islanders. With this, we decided to create an app that has the same impact in informing the public about the dangers of skin cancer and giving them personalized suggestions on how to be sun-safe while providing incentives, such as free sunscreen.

Currently, our app is a mockup, but we are working on making it an actual app that will be available to the public this summer with the partnership of Columbia University and funding from the New York State, and Health Research, Inc.

Project Media



More About this Project

The extra link attached is a mockup of our app’s user interface and user experience.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 IT Infrastructure Support at ArcherPoint — Emoti-Con Judge
Sun-Safe's mission to decrease misinformation surrounding skin cancer and provide free resources is fantastic. I loved the inclusion of assemblies conducted in Staten Island schools. It really helps visualize the impact Sun-Safe has already made! The partnership with Project Sun Safe and the New York State grant to provide free sunscreen is a major accomplishment, and you should be proud of your efforts. Sun-Safe is poised to significantly impact in NYC and maybe even the world.

👏 Director and Head of Enterprise HW Security Engineering at Dell Technologies — Emoti-Con Judge
Fantastic application!
Partnership with CPiA & NY State is forward thinking.
Application provides awareness, a solution and a rewarding experience.

Recommend you consider making this a nation wide application or at least North East wide by partnering with other states for broader impact.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a High School Student
I like that the group went out to achieve the creation of your app. You went out for support. You held assemblies and taught many people about the issue. It will be great.
👏 a Middle School Student
Your design was brilliant! I really liked the colors!
Emily 👏 a High School Student from Queens
I like how helpful this is. Many people don't know how the sun affects you but this is a great way to spread awareness and help people to protect themselves from the sun. This can help reduce skin cancer.

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