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“Readers Inc”

Creators: John
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ M.S. 419
Type of Project:
  • Coding
Themes of Project:
  • Education/Schools
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About this Project:

Hi! My name is John and my application is about reading genres of books for people who really need help with grammar, reading skills, and more. First you download and click the app(it’s free btw). Next, you sign in to make a profile account. Then, as soon as you're in, you can explore many books like adventure, anime, sports, chapter, and many more books that will help you and others with reading skills.Lots of people like little kids and even middle schooler’s struggle with the same thing, but I will help with those type of problems.

You should invest in my app because kids, teenager’s, and adults also struggle even with chapter books, magazines, and even people don’t have good eye vision so that can also affect reading a single book. I promise that I will get different books that people will love and enjoy and that they could improve their reading skills fast. Thank you!

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

👏 Sr Community Manager at CareerVillage.org — Emoti-Con Judge
I am an avid reader so I love supporting any pro-reading initiative! I think this is an important tool to inspire and engage folks who might have given up on reading. I'm sure lots of students could really benefit from your idea.

I love the idea but think it can be flushed out a little more. Think about the following questions:
- How will you determine reading level? Perhaps, you make users take a test at the beginning of their app journey.
- Will students be able to save the books they browse?
- How will you incentivize the app? For example, maybe it's online badges or stickers.

👏 Head of Delivery (Recruitment /Talent Acquisition) at Audeliss (sister company: INvolve - The Inclusion People) — Emoti-Con Judge
I love the focus on reading and helping others advance their reading skills. You've done a wonderful job in your design, as well.

I would recommend at the end of each reading material, perhaps how a mini quiz for Readers to test their reading or grammatical knowledge. This would be interactive and fun!

Overall, an impressive foundation for what could be an excellent future app to bring to Students everywhere!

👏 Engineer at Engineering — Emoti-Con Judge
You have addressed an important need- to value reading at all levels. Your app will undoubtably entice people to improve their reading abilities and let them see reading as a more enjoyable pastime. Any app that replaces video game time with a love of reading is a wonderful addition. I'd look forward to how you will provide content and maybe ask librarians or library organizations what content they would recommend for each category and age group. Good job!

Feedback from the Community:

Melody 👏 a Middle School Student
School Counselor - Vargas 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from MS 419
Great job John! Promoting better reading skills is definitely a WIN!!!
Mr. Will 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from Queens, NY
This is such a cool idea for an app! I admire your app's focus on building reader skills through practice. I think it's such an important skill for students and the fact that "Readers Inc" tailors the user's interests/favorite genres to read is awesome! Keep up the great work!
John 👏 a Middle School Student from Dominican Republic
I am very proud in myself for working on this project because finding a way for kids and maybe even adults to read a more productive and cool way will really set a good example for my app.
Mr. Cuesta 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from MS 419
This is great, John! Reading is one of my favorite things to do, so I love this idea! Great job
Ashley 👏 a Middle School Student from New York
I really love this app.
jasmin 👏 a Teacher and/or Educator from M.S. 419 Staff
Great job John! This has so many uses and I am looking forward to seeing more people get excited by reading and how your app would help people increase their literacy skills!
Camila 👏 a Middle School Student from Dominican republic y Mexico
I love your app bc it shows you help people in our community
Cassaundra 👏 a Parent and/or Guardian from I’m from Queens.
This is a fantastic idea, John. You are very thoughtful and your project says a lot about your character and the well being of others. Well done!
Maru P. 👏 a High School Student
I like the idea you presented! People can struggle a lot with grammar and other literary skills, so I think this idea is a great way to promote betterment and learning. :)
angely 👏 a Middle School Student
I think this is a good idea because a lot of people do struggle with things like this so good job

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