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“Pasha Help”

Creators: Lisbeth, Angel, Denise
Middle School Students from Mouse Design League (DIIT) @ I.S. 171 Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Type of Project:
  • UX/UI Design
Themes of Project:
  • Mental Health
Pssha Help

About this Project:

Our App is going to be a chat that people can help these kids on what they are going through by giving them advice. I believe that kids should express themselves with other people who have also experience it. Some people don’t really want to talk to people in real life, They would rather talk to people online.

We chose to work on this issue because I believe that we should help kids and people who have experience child abuse and help them feel like they are love. We want other people who have experienced child abuse help out those who need support. I choose to make this app because I have some friends who get abused by their parents and we want to help them.

Our logo is a two tailed pasha butterfly, we choose this because we believe that the butterfly is a symbol that represents freedom. We want the kids or adults that experience abuse to be free from that mindset of being hurt by other, so that they don’t think that other will hurt them too.

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Community Feedback:

Great Design
Makes Me Think

Feedback from the Judges:

Henry McKelvey
👏 Systems Engineer Multimedia R&D and Adjunct Professor at The University of The Potomac at Sinclair Broadcast Group — Emoti-Con Judge
Good work, You did a good job on this.

Feedback from the Community:

👏 a Middle School Student
I like this app!
👏 a Middle School Student
based on the project I believe it has a good topic where many people can relate to, as well as trying to help that topic which many people can fined helpful and comforting enough to care. And it is also process and detailed
Quenessa 👏 a Middle School Student
This is a really, really great project keep up the work guys.
👏 a Middle School Student from Brooklyn New York
Great job. What inspired or motivated you to create this?
Maddex 👏 a Middle School Student from brooklyn
very good
👏 a Middle School Student
good job
LJ 👏 a Middle School Student
I love the video you shared the information of the app in a good a positive way thanks to that people will get intrigued by it. As well as that try not to get nervous take your time telling the information about your project. But mostly you guys did a good job and good job with the hard work!!🎉🎉🎉
Amarie 👏 a Middle School Student
I like this app because now a days kids get bullied everyday and if there is an app that helps these victims we might be able to change the world.
👏 a Middle School Student
I really like this app because it was really creative and well made.
faith 👏 a Middle School Student from new york city
i love how you put the butterfly as the cover of your app since you said it represents freedom because since kids were abused they want freedom so i feel like kids deserve to feel free and trust people.

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