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“Most Spoken Languages of the World”

Creators: Latoya
High School Students from CS4ALL NYC
Type of Project:
  • Coding
Themes of Project:
  • Culture/Heritage

About this Project:

The Most Spoken Languages of the World app opens users up to the numerous spoken languages of the world and the number of people of the world that speaks the specific language. In addition, the app also allows users to explore the different language branches of each spoken language of the world. This issue is important to me because over 6.5 million high school students worldwide study Spanish at an high school level. Next, 15 percent of high school students study French, 4.5 percent study German, and 2.3 percent learn Latin. Thus, it’s important to open up the language learning curriculum to a variety of other languages that huge portions of the world speak. Languages learned should not be limited to students. Learning a vast majority of languages opens up doors of opportunity and interconnectedness among people and cultures. I came up with the idea of the app by looking through the databases that code.org provided. Most Spoken Languages of the world seemed to be an interesting topic that can be well developed through an app. I started to develop the app by creating potential wireframes that I would incorporate into the app. For example, I created a homepage and screen 1, which would be the language randomizer screen. I placed boxes for images, buttons, and texts, that I feel would be needed to run the app. Thus, the app was creates in App Lab in code.org. The video demonstrates the user clicking on the Find Language button and the randomized language, speakers in millions, and the percentage of the population will be displayed. The user selects the Language Branch and Family from dropdowns and based on their choices, a recommendation for what language to learn will be displayed in the two text areas. The user will write a language that will be set in the text area. As the user adds the languages, they click the right arrow to advance to the next language that has been stored or click on the left arrow to go back to a language that has been stored. The user inputs a value to the program using the dropdowns then the output, which is a recommendation on the language the user should learn that meets the condition of the Language branch and family, is displayed. The user keeps a record of languages by inputting the language in the text area that will be added to the list. The languages inputted will be set in the new language output count. When the left arrow is clicked, the new language will be taken back one in the language input. When the right arrow is clicked, the language is advanced to the next language in the language input.

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More About this Project

This app is important to me as languages are a huge part of cultural identity and exposing people to the different languages of the world, leads people to learning about different cultures. Being aware of many languages causes people to be interconnected. The world is always a brighter place when people educate themselves on different cultures and appreciate them.

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